7 Reasons to Choose Telepresence & Video Conferencing from Polycom

7 Reasons Customers Choose Polycom Video Conferencing

Easy to Use

For video and workplace collaboration to become ubiquitous, systems need to be easy to use and manage. And, they need to deliver great experiences across every work environment, from immersive theater to conference room to work and home office to mobile video on a tablet or smartphone.

"Polycom's video conferencing solutions are at the core of our business. They are so simple to use, with such intuitive user interfaces, it allows us to focus on recruiting the best physicians, instead of recruiting technologists."

- Dr. Oscar Boultinghouse, Senior Vice President, NuPhysicia

Every aspect of the Polycom User Experience (Polycom UX™) is designed with the user in mind, to deliver a great workplace collaboration experience every time:

  • More than 20 new user innovations, including a redesigned UI and HD image quality up to 1080p60
  • Patent-pending Polycom SmartPairing technology lets users control video meetings with their tablets and transfer a live video call from tablet to big screen with the swipe of a finger
  • One-click simplicity for functions like speed dial and calendared meetings
  • Stunning only-from-Polycom video, content-sharing, and audio
  • All while minimizing IT management and support requirements

"Polycom's room telepresence solutions are incredibly user-friendly, which is why they were so readily adopted in our organization. The uptake has been so rapid that already we have seen up to 70% reduction in travel and its related costs."

- Ms. Yosi, General Manager IT, PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta

Open and Interoperable

Advantages of video communication technologies should bring people together – not keep them apart. We live in a world of multi-vendor environments where interoperability is critical. In a recent global survey of nearly 5,000 enterprise users of video, 60% of respondents said they "primarily use" more than one vendor's equipment or software to videoconference; 32% use three or more. What you don't want is a bunch of video islands separated by unbridgeable technologies.

"It's unrealistic to expect every client to use the same brand of telepresence system. But with Polycom, it doesn't matter. You can connect to anybody."

- Keith Rutherford, Partner and Co-Founder, Wong Cabello

We work with our partners to deliver interoperable solutions that leverage and protect existing IT investments, and to ensure that Polycom RealPresence Voice and Video Solutions interoperate with the most popular business tools and common UC environments.

"With its standards-based approach, Polycom opens doors that would have been closed with other systems."

- Roger Whitlock, Dean, Workforce Education and Development Program, East Central Community College

Best TCO

Systems and services should go in fast without requiring forklift upgrades or costly gateways. They should minimize network consumption to be more scalable at a lower cost. And they should provide cloud-based service options to be affordable for smaller organizations.

"The systems paid for themselves in a week. Polycom's ROI was so immediate that it made the purchase price irrelevant."

- Seth Birnbaum, Former CEO, Verdasys, Inc.

Polycom delivers the best user experience and broadest multi-vendor integration, which together dramatically reduce total costs. For example, users get HD video and audio quality in the home or work office using up to 50% less network bandwidth than competitive solutions, which saves on capital-intensive network upgrades. The ability for users to launch videoconferences with no technical assistance eliminates time-consuming manual requests for conferencing services, estimated at 10 minutes per request. This means Polycom solutions can reduce the amount of time required to provision a 3,000 person company from two person-months per year to under an hour.

"The most important benefits of implementing Polycom RealPresence solutions are the significant cost and time savings coupled with the reliability of the technology. These benefits are made all the more important as they directly relate to people's lives."

- Andrey German, head of the group in charge of video conferencing systems for the Legal Information Office of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Investment Protection

Systems and services need to be backward- and forward-compatible to protect existing investments.

"In telemedicine, you only want equipment that you can count on, and we can count on Polycom. We have some units in correctional facilities that are five years old and are still operating perfectly."

- Debbie Voyles, Director, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Telemedicine Program

To expand the reach and ROI of your video investment, Polycom provides the broadest support for industry standards and protocols (including H.264, H.264 High Profile, SIP, RTV, TIP, and SVC). We also provide native integration into popular UC platforms including Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Avaya, and Siemens, for both forward- and backward-compatibility with millions of systems without expensive gateways or added network complexity.

"Polycom solutions let us remain hardware-agnostic. No matter what you have, Polycom will talk to it – even though Cisco won't talk to anything else"

- Don Reece, IT Director, Pembina Trails School Division

Broad Range of Solutions and Delivery Options

Too many devices run too many different video applications and can't communicate with each other. Users need video to be integrated with popular communication platforms and normal day-to-day workflows for more simplicity in video conferencing. And businesses need a seamless and extensible path to fully video-enable their organizations via a private-, public- or hybrid-cloud approach.

"We are more connected than ever, with the ability to use voice, video, unified communications, and telepresence all in one call."

- Iain Robertson, Head of IT Infrastructure and Operations, NHS Lothian

The Polycom RealPresence Platform is intelligent infrastructure that removes the impediments to ubiquitous video by making simple-to-use, interoperable, secure video conferencing available to everyone across any network, protocol, application, or device of choice. The RealPresence Platform acts as the unifying hub in your unified communications environment and works via open standards-based interoperability with communications and business applications from hundreds of vendors.

"A key component of our video collaboration strategy is the use of mobile devices like the iPad 2 or the new iPad to increase the productivity of remote personnel, whether in their living room, on the road, or in a vacation rental property. Polycom has made it all possible with secure and reliable HD video that enables our distributed team to have face-to-face conversations from anywhere."

- David O'Rourke, Senior Manager, Global IT, HomeAway

Enterprise-level Security and Carrier-grade Scalability

Video and workplace collaboration needs to be universally accessible, connecting any number of people across any network, protocol, application, or device with the highest quality, reliability, availability, flexibility, security, and manageability.

"There are a lot of consumer-grade video solutions out there, but we needed a business-quality solution, one that our systems department was comfortable with from a security and reliability perspective. Polycom has the quality a business needs."

- Michael Chase, HR & CR Project Manager, Perkins Coie

Polycom innovations are designed to get the highest possible quality from low-bandwidth networks. These include high-performance compression technologies for carrying video and solutions for ensuring voice and video integrity even during packet loss over IP networks. Supporting up to 25,000 sessions and 75,000 devices in a single video event – at least five times more than other video platforms – the Polycom RealPresence Platform delivers an unmatched experience to the every user.

"Polycom gives us the scalability to accommodate any scenario we will face. New York Network VIEW is built to accommodate 5,000 simultaneous users. From a scalability standpoint, we're still in first or second gear."

- Neil Satterly, Executive Director, New York Network

Polycom + Ecosystem = Most Complete Solution

Just as people need to collaborate to get big things done, so do technologies

"The joint Rich Media Communications solution from HP, Polycom, and Microsoft provides clients a scalable, open architecture to simplify deployment and management across the UC environment, lowering their total cost of ownership."

- Mike Banic, Vice President of Global Marketing, Networking, HP

We work with the Polycom Partner Network, an ecosystem of over 7,000 partners, to integrate RealPresence voice and video solutions within our joint customers' UC&C environments. This ensures interoperability with popular business tools and common UC environments so that people can communicate face-to-face from within the apps they use every day.

"Polycom has the best combination with Microsoft, which is a unique differentiator in the market. I don't look to Polycom for endpoints and servers. I look to Polycom for collaboration solutions."

- Mike Cron, IT Group Director, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.


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