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Building mutually beneficial and lasting customer relationships is the basis of sales success. You need face time with the decision-makers who can help you access new business opportunities. Doing so requires a sales team that can build customer trust, shorten the sales cycle, and improve sales productivity. Polycom video collaboration solutions allow your sales force more effectively to plan, train, track results, and better prepare for sales activities that will strengthen customer relationships and ultimately drive bottom line results.

"The key is to find ways to serve clients without growing budgets or increasing staff," says Seth Birnbaum, co-founder and CEO of Verdasys. "Polycom allows me to extend the reach of our business, to get better leverage out of individuals. With video conferencing, you take someone who affects millions of dollars of business and multiply them by a factor of two. It's a force multiplier."

Shorten Sales Cycles

Polycom solutions deliver more face-to-face discussions with customers and prospects and enable quicker sales response.

Manhattan Associates supply chain consultants annually invest in supply chain R&D more than any other organization in the world. For years the company has used Polycom video conferencing to shorten sales cycles. "It certainly is a great tool for being able to speed up our design sessions, our demonstrations, and just in general our sales process," says Heather Mahan, Sales Account Executive, Manhattan Associates. "Not only can we do things faster and more efficiently, but we’re able to develop really strong and deep relationships without even having to be on site."

Video collaboration solutions deliver tremendous value for any sales organization. With video collaboration, salespeople can:

  • Manage any size territory more efficiently
  • Have more productive interactions with customers and prospects
  • Maintain regular contact with customers and prospects, build trust, and eliminate costly physical site visits or augment physical visits with video meetings

"My sales team is home-based and on the road all day," says Bob Brilman, CEO of Boretti, a high-end kitchen appliance manufacturer in the Netherlands. "Polycom video solutions enable us to have regular and secure face-to-face meetings no matter where they are."

"I am now asking my suppliers, resellers, and distributors based across Europe to use video conferencing for all our meetings," says Brilman. "I prefer to communicate via video instead of over the phone or via emails, as I find video promotes honesty, trust, and efficiency."

Building Customer Trust

Video collaboration builds trust with customers and prospects by allowing for more interaction across business lines. Sales engineers, product experts, and services professionals, can be introduced at exactly the right time in the sales cycle.

"Our vision is that our sales force will use personal video to stay in touch with each other and customers," says Jem Anderton, IT Innovation and Solution Development Manager, HEINEKEN, a global brewer and distributor of alcoholic drinks. "Cutting down the time required for one-to-ones and also keeping them in real-time contact with colleagues in the office."

With the Polycom RealPresence Mobile and RealPresence Desktop applications, sales teams can keep in regular contact with customers and partners, building trust and cementing stronger customer relationships, on the road. Sales teams can also access sales enablement materials, training and other sales-related information on demand, minimizing time out of the field and improving sales productivity.

Improve Sales Productivity

Polycom solutions help sales teams overcome one of their biggest challenges – being able to connect with customers and prospects often enough to build real, lasting relationships, ultimately leading to loyalty and recurrent revenue.

With Polycom solutions, you can enable sales productivity by:

  • Connecting customers with subject-matter experts: Tap into all available resources who can address customer questions and help close the deal
  • Reduce costs and improve margins: Avoid unnecessary travel expenses which increase the cost of a sale
  • Maximizing time spent with customers: Attend internal meetings, training sessions, and business reviews without having to leave the sales territory
  • Achieving a better work/life balance: When sales and subject-matter experts attend meetings by way of video, they spend less time travelling on business, and so are more connected to family life

Andreas Gaebisch is CIO of Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft, a German law firm with 17 locations around the world. He looked to help connect and collaborate sales teams securely online. He says, "We have given our employees freedom. Freedom to connect and hold their meetings from anywhere using video, without having to worry about dial format, location, bandwidth, quality, or security."

Help sales teams connect with customers and bring in resources to support these valuable clients through Polycom HD voice and video collaboration.

Industry Trends

Put a face on your sales force.

One-on-one collaboration goes a long way with customers these days. With Polycom voice, video and content-sharing solutions, you can enhance your sales calls by looping in sales and product experts—from anywhere in the world—whenever you need them.

Polycom solutions offer face-to-face discussions that are vital to resolving the most sensitive situations. This personal interaction with colleagues, vendors and customers allows for better communication, more accurate assessments and solutions, plus a clear competitive edge.

Who says you need a field office? Polycom solutions enable you and your sales force to expand into markets with face-to-face communication, even when there's no physical structure there.

Sales grow where communication flows. Polycom solutions keep information and content circulating among manufacturers, employees, suppliers, vendors and clients—so your teams can sell more effectively to their customers' changing needs.
People learn twice as much,

and are

in face-to-face meetings
(vs. audio alone).1

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