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In a modern workspace, collaboration is key. Facilities managers must partner with external suppliers - as well as internal IT, human resources, and marketing teams to integrate new office designs, employee policies, and technology for workspace transformation initiatives to succeed. Polycom solutions can transform the workplace by optimizing real estate and delivering a more collaborative workspace.

Optimize Workspaces

Optimizing a workspace ensures that working environments across the global enterprise provide comfort, convenience, health, and safety. Workspace optimization means more than just aesthetics and comfort items. It also means improving performance, efficiency, and job satisfaction for employees.

Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has a staff of 1,800 to help create their online PC games for global users. Collaboration, real-time brainstorming and aligning goals through content sharing is key to their success. The adoption of integrated video and voice collaboration with Polycom & Microsoft allowed them to realize the flexible work environment they were looking for. Sam Juan, director of Corporate Information Technology, said "This has saved Gamania up to $US14,000 in one year, increased our productivity two-fold by reducing downtime, and has helped to speed operations, enabling us to bring new products to market much quicker,"

Face facility optimization challenges by balancing the impact of capital expenditures while providing a flexible working environment that fosters innovation and collaboration.

Enhancing Productivity

Real estate & facilities teams are increasingly seen as enablers of workplace productivity.. They have to balance business productivity goals such as the efficient use of physical office space and the productivity of the individual. They have to lower fixed facilities costs while providing a collaborative workspace that accelerates decision making and helps to attract and retain talent.

Nieuwegein Municipality oversees one of the youngest cities in the Netherlands and services 65000 inhabitants. The municipal offices were brought together into a new buiding and their Senior System / Network Administrator, Frederik Lefevre, decided to create a flexible hot-desk environment and free employees from individual desks with Polycom Desktop collaboration tools. He stated “To be considered a success, the solution has to be adopted by the workforce. It needs to be easy to use, and the benefits need to be visible immediately.” Adoption was fast and the municipality realized an instant productivity boost.

Streamline Project Management

Any enterprise event or project requires numerous steps that can result in time-consuming, resource-intensive, high-cost planning sessions. Polycom's audio and video collaboration solutions can help you streamline project management through real-time video and voice collaboration solutions.

UBIFRANCE adopted Polycom while expanding Economic Missions from 28 to 44 countries. The large network served 1500 employees that needed high touch point communication across long distances. The quality and reliability improved how they increased the professionalism and quality of project management in the organization.

Polycom provides any remote project management team with the collaborative tools they need to create an effective, flexible working environment, including: continual access to critical resources, the ability to share key information and content, and rapid decision making.

Launch and Maintain Facilities

Facilities and CRE teams often lead projects that involve many stakeholders in dispersed locations. With Polycom video collaboration solutions, teams can maintain, launch, and troubleshoot office sites from anywhere in the world.

Boretti, a high-end kitchen appliance manufacturer, used Polycom to help deliver mobile showrooms to customers regardless of their location. They connected customers to a product showroom via video to help identify, diagnose, repair and troubleshoot appliances in real time. Bob Britman, CEO, said “Video collaboration is a vital tool for the development and success of Boretti and has become the standard of communication throughout the organization.”

The Polycom high definition video and voice collaboration tools are accessible for anyone with a web-camera, tablet, or a smartphone. The benefit is remote property management, the ability to visually share problems and issues with remote experts and vendors – enabling effective, timely troubleshooting. This dramatically shortens the amount of time and administration required before repairs and maintenance can occur, minimizing disruptions to the business.

Industry Trends

This is how, and where, a new generation works.


Polycom voice, video and content-sharing solutions open up a

Inspiration and collaboration can now take place anywhere–maximizing the use of costly office space.

Video collaboration enables workers to be more productive outside of the office. Not only does flexible working save time and hassles, it drives a higher level of productivity and helps reduce your organization''s carbon footprint.
According to the Collaboration

the primary role of the office and the physical workplace is rapidly becoming one of supporting collaboration.2

Polycom solutions enable layouts and blueprints to be shared with real-time annotations through real-time interactive whiteboarding instead of the mail. This makes for better non-verbal feedback and nuance during the course of the meeting–which in turn makes for better outcomes.

With Polycom solutions, you and your staff can be virtually onsite. Troubleshooting is significantly more efficient, and remote experts can always be called in, from anywhere, for timely problem solution.
Flexible working improves employee productivity by as much as1

SOURCES 1 Sonsino, Daniel. 2013. "Four Considerations for Flexible Work Practices." Argyle Journal. 2 Puybaraud, Marie. 2011. "Collaboration 2020: Hype or Competitive Advantage?" Johnson Controls.

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