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Engineering firms and manufacturing facilities are often at the forefront of technological innovation. Implementing strategic solutions that drive bottom line results often lead these organizations to adopt new technologies that enhance communication - both internally and with external collaborators. According to a recent Wainhouse Research ROI survey, enterprise level benefits for adopting innovative collaboration solutions include:

  • Reducing time-to-market by 24%
  • Reducing downtime by 27%
  • Saving 25% on training
  • Shrinking recruitment times by 19%
  • Reducing sales-related costs by 24%
  • Saving 30% on travel costs

Polycom video and voice solutions help you to streamline development processes and to collaborate with partners, suppliers, and distributors in a face to face manner - from wherever they choose.

Faster Time to Market

With Polycom collaboration solutions, you’ll enjoy more effective project execution through enhanced remote monitoring and rapid prototyping - ensuring that quality standards are maintained across global sites. This delivers innovation and faster time-to-market, lower costs, higher quality, and improved customer satisfaction. These tangible benefits are enjoyed by the world’s top five automobile manufacturers and top three aerospace companies – they all use Polycom communication equipment for improving manufacturing efficiency.

In a competitive world, accelerated decision making and time-to-market improvements are vital. When POSCO Engineering & Construction needed to improve measurable results across its 19 global offices and construction sites, they called upon Polycom collaboration solutions. By uniting hundreds of participants in mere minutes, collaborative processes are streamlined and engineering process management is improved. Some of our manufacturing customer stories include:

  • A European auto manufacturer improved complex repair cycle time 300% through real-time video collaboration with its dealerships
  • An airframe manufacturer reduced production wait time by two days by linking suppliers onto the production floor with real-time video and voice conferencing
  • One of the largest offshore oil and gas exploration corporations, INPEX, has saved $400 million - directly attributed to increasing decision making speed afforded by Polycom’s video solutions, HD voice technology and content-sharing
  • An office equipment manufacturer in the U.S. now solves problems at its Chinese manufacturing plant in two hours – instead of two weeks. This reduces time-to-market by 20%

Manage Costs

Improving manufacturing efficiency reduces costs and increases bottom line profits. Many modern organizations operate manufacturing facilities and supply-chain partners in multiple locations around the world, and coordinating these operations in a cost-efficient manner is vital to project management for engineers. Polycom solutions help to reduce travel expenses, improve decision making abilities, improve manufacturing productivity and enable enhanced collaboration among several business lines – regardless of location.

John Laing coordinates on over 76 public service infrastructure projects as investor, operator, or manager across 73 UK and 6 overseas offices. Their teams were able to utilize video meetings to collaborate face-to-face with both partners and project supply chains. IT Director at John Laing, Dylan Jones, said, “The combination of the Polycom solutions integrated with Lync and the AMX control panels all create one collaborative tool with a familiar user interface. User adoption has gone through the ceiling with growing demand for both internal and external video meetings.” The increased collaboration not only improved the supply change integration but reduced the company’s carbon footprint by 162.5 tons in one year.

Enable High Performing Teams

Attracting the best talent and building a powerful team of experts is a primary concern of leaders in R&D. The trend is clear: a high-performance culture has become essential for any company that wants to remain competitive.

MedAvante's service improves accuracy by employing a centralized pool of carefully trained clinicians who remotely interview trial participants using an encrypted Polycom video connection. MedAvante regularly retrains and calibrates its pool of clinicians to ensure ratings remain consistent throughout the life of the trial. The company also ensures its clinicians can’t be influenced by factors that could influence results.

"Without video, our business model wouldn’t work," says Ben Barrell, video services manager at MedAvante. "Our service was completely built upon the idea that video conferencing has to work perfectly so a remote assessment can be as effective as an in-person interview."

Improve Competitiveness

R&D requires global collaboration between highly technical resources. Companies can reduce process management costs and consider different partners with Polycom solutions. These voice, video and content-sharing capabilities powered by Polycom put dollars where they belong - in manufacturing and product design. Ultimately these time savings and new talent pools can help your company innovate faster, achieve rapid prototyping and improve competitiveness.

SPF North America is a pet food developer that operates R&D, testing and sales facilities around the world. In order to expand globally, SPF employed Polycom telepresence solutions for real-time collaboration between the management, research and marketing arms within the company. Yves Grisard-Van Roey, IT Director, said “If a recipe changes, everyone is impacted. Without video, our R&D people would have to travel three times as often."

Industry Trends

Polycom solutions can improve the vision of even the most tech-savvy visionary.


Polycom voice, video and content-sharing solutions enable engineers to collaborate with development teams around the world, sharing new ideas and detailed designs in real time. The result? Enhanced interaction, faster time-to-market and better products and services.

Conduct time-sensitive development-team interactions over video to raise both team rapport and lower company overhead. Troubleshoot and test equipment remotely for greater efficiency. Hold regular knowledge-transfer sessions for greater clarity and accountability.

Get everyone in the know, now. Video collaboration can instantly include multiple stakeholders on any project, across multiple locations, with feedback from both team members and customers.

You can still meet face-to-face to discuss intellectual property applications, management issues and legal concerns. You just won't have to deal with all the baggage, travel expense, jet lag and lost productivity.

The more productive your teams can be on the job, the better their work-life balance. This also results in attracting and retaining world-class engineers.

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