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CEOs are going back to basics to position themselves for growth. They must integrate people, processes and technology to enable organizational transformation. Promoting effective collaboration sparks innovation - a key enabler to driving transformation and creating a competitive advantage. Polycom delivers video collaboration solutions that help CEOs leverage the collective intelligence of the entire value chain to grow your company, optimize performance and win market share.

Learn how video collaboration can help CEOs leverage the collective intelligence of the entire value chain to achieve more successful business outcomes.

Grow the Company

Sizeable organizations are increasingly adopting Polycom collaboration solutions to drive growth, support expansion and adopt cost reduction strategies to manage increasing scale of operations.

Take, for instance, the Bajaj Group, which is amongst India's top 10 business conglomerates. It has interests in a diverse range of sectors from power generation real estate across the globe and in remote locations. This massive organization provides a successful example of seamlessly integrating Polycom global collaboration solutions to reduce time-to-market.

Drive Business Value

Efficiency is a game-changer in operational excellence.

With Polycom solutions, Buro Happold has been able to drive business value by increasing its responsiveness to enhance customer satisfaction and derive new revenue opportunities. “The use of video collaboration has helped make Buro Happold more competitive,” said Paul Westbury, CEO, Buro Happold. "If anyone in our 27 offices needs to offer a client their unique expertise….we can readily bring in the relevant people using Polycom HD video. And I can now join in meetings all over the world from my laptop, even from home, without worrying about interoperability issues—because it’s Polycom."

For knowledge based law firm Linklaters, partnering with Polycom has had a visibly positive impact throughout Linklaters’ business—from improving and increasing communications effectiveness to streamlining knowledge transfer of legal developments and best practices among partners worldwide. This just-in-time knowledge transfer has resulted not only in better prepared attorneys, but has been used to land new clients.

Optimize Operations

Travel reduction is a common driver behind video collaboration adoption. However, according to Wainhouse Research's "End-User Survey: The 'Real' Benefits of Video," the following benefits actually rank higher in the eyes of CEOs:

  • 94% Increased efficiency and productivity
  • 88% Increased impact of discussions
  • 87% Expedited decision making

While replacing travel with video collaboration is a cost reduction strategy, one can also drive business value through empowering greater collaboration and productivity.

Polycom solutions enabled leading India-based global pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s research and technical teams to meet across any distance to share everything from joining the announcement of quarterly results to sharing market development information. This helped accelerate the time to market and development for their organization.

Stakeholders Engagement

Leading edge organizations, from both commercial and public sectors, are quickly recognizing the business benefits on sustainable development that increased stakeholder engagement creates.

“For NATO, the ability to meet face-to-face anywhere, anytime is a strategic advantage,” notes Mark Escobar, SAIC Department of Defense Agencies and Commands Group senior vice president. NATO leverages on the Polycom real-time collaboration environment to focus on the work at hand: clear, cohesive and swift responses to highly time-sensitive and confidential matters across 28 different countries and cultures.

Polycom can bring together the busiest and most critical decision makers in a global organization. The Board of directors for FLSmidth meets regularly via video instead of having to travel from US, Denmark, Germany and India. The value created from quicker decisions and reduced travel costs has definitely improved FLSmidth’s operational agility, and enabled them to develop stronger relationships with employees and partners.

Industry Trends

Meeting impossible expectations is now just another day on the job.


Use Polycom voice, video and content-sharing solutions to build relationships and increase that ever-important personal connection with employees, customers and partners. Polycom solutions also allow CEOs to foster an internal culture of quality, integrity and customer service–all across the globe.
Polycom solutions bring unmatched and highly attractive flexibility to your workforce. It's also significantly more productive. In addition, video collaboration makes for remarkable sales training programs that enable you to develop talent from within your organization.
BY 2015

online meetings will have a video conferencing component.1

Actually, there are several ways. Polycom solutions factor in all of them and keep you connected to drive your agenda. From the convenience of your office, you can instantly connect face-to-face to solve problems, drive innovation and keep your teams connected.

Here again, Polycom solutions can help. Not only can they save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on travel costs, reduced facilities costs and lost productivity, you can contribute to saving the environment with a significant reduction in your organization's carbon footprint.
A recent global survey found that video conferencing increased decision-making in

of respondents polled. 3

SOURCES 1 Jain, Roopam. 2013. "Emerging Trends in Web and Video Conferencing." Frost & Sullivan Research. 2 Kerravala, Zeus. 2011. "Building a Video-First Culture in Your Business." Yankee Group. 3 "Video Conferencing a Vital Tool for Today's Marketplace." University of San Francisco.

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