Polycom Solutions for U.S. Federal Government – National Security


Command and Control:

Improve situational awareness, enable informed and accelerated decision making and accomplish mission-critical  objectives with Polycom's  collaborative solutions.   With an increasing number of complex missions, the need to deliver secure information over any network to commanders and to improve coordination among  organizations is critical to the success of military missions.

Polycom delivers collaboration solutions that can be used both on and off the battlefield as a critical command and control briefing solution. Our solutions improve collaboration between key organizations and enable secure information to be shared to support mission requirements.

Emergency Response:

With Polycom solutions you'll see first, understand first, and act first. Understanding the impact and scope of a disaster site is critical to an agency's responsiveness. Polycom's mobile solutions provide instant access to people, information, and locations and are designed for easy transport, set-up, and use during extreme situations such as national disasters, terrorist threats, and national healthcare emergencies.

From urgent face-to-face communications with central command to streaming video footage of a hurricane site, Polycom's solutions help agencies assess critical needs and make quicker decisions through real-time interactions.

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