Polycom Solutions for U.S. Federal Government


U.S. Federal Government departments and agencies are experiencing budget shortfalls, downsizing, increased security threats and growing service  demands.  Implementation of Unified Collaborative Communications (UCC) solutions is proving to be an effective method to improve  service, responsiveness, efficiency, readiness, productivity and collaboration with fewer resources.

The Polycom RealPresence standard-based platform is being utilized to empower the disparate government workforce, improve national security, increase health care services, create and deliver distance learning content and mitigate the  costs of traditional justice processes.

U.S. Federal Government Collaboration

Includes telework, citizen services, inter-agency communication and distance learning, e-learning/training applications. Improves the reach and quality of government collaboration with Polycom solutions.

Emergency Response

Improve emergency preparedness, response, recovery and reconstruction.

Judicial Services

Streamline the judicial system, reduce costly in-person proceedings and lower recidivism rate with Polycom collaboration solutions.

National Security

Strengthen national defense, internal security, response, preparedness, command/control applications, emergency management and border protection with Polycom collaboration.


U.S. government agencies and departments depend on Polycom to:

  • Strengthen national security and emergency management through optimum readiness and situational awareness
  • Enhances judicial proceedings through reduction of security risks, expedition of pending cases and improved inmate services
  • Facilitate the reality of telework for the Federal employee by reducing costs, carbon emissions and travel time, as well as ensuring compliance with budgetary and environmental mandates
  • Empower agencies and departments to communicate optimally regardless of the network or environment
  • Promote critical applications of distance, e-learning, training and development
  • Speed the delivery of health care services


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