Polycom and Sundance

At its annual Sundance Film Festival, Sundance uses Polycom collaboration technology to bring world-famous directors and filmmakers in remote locations to live events and audience discussions.
Reliable, seamless collaboration allows audiences and artists to connect on a deeper level.

In addition, Polycom Media Suite will capture Q&A sessions allowing the Sundance Institute to use content for training and PR purposes.

The Sundance Institute also relies on Polycom for daily planning meetings and work sessions with their remote offices in LA, New York, and Park City.

"In the past, we've had a lot of requests to bring in people remotely, and sometimes we've had pretty poor results," said Justin Simmons, Associate Director of IT. "With Polycom, we have an easy solution that's also enterprise-grade—and it works."

"Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately, connect us."

— Robert Redford, President and Founder Sundance Institute

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