Polycom RealPresence Video Content Management in Microsoft Environments


Polycom RealPresence Video Content Management solutions provide tight integration with Microsoft Lync and Microsoft SharePoint, helping your organization leverage these familiar tools for ubiquitous live and on-demand video.

Polycom Video Content Management solutions for Microsoft environments enable your team to:

  • Capture Video Easily
  • Manage, Publish, and Deliver Video Securely
  • Quickly watch recorded videos on-demand and view live video events inside SharePoint
  • Eliminate content silos by relying on SharePoint for simplified content browsing and search
  • Navigate inside recorded videos with chapters, thumbnails, and bookmarks
  • Take video-based training with video-triggered testing
  • Track individual viewership and viewer behavior
  • Leverage a broad spectrum of network optimization capabilities

Technical Overview

Polycom Video Content Management lets you capture video content with easy push-button workflows for any situation. Then you can access that content just as easily on-demand from any location or device.

  • Publish a Lync recording session to Polycom RealPresence Media Manager with the push of a button
  • Leverage Polycom RSS 4000 recording and streaming server for direct recording from Lync client on a network-based server
  • Record large scale video meetings on Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Server through the integration with Polycom RSS 4000
  • SharePoint integration enables simplified content browsing, search, and on demand and live event view inside SharePoint
  • Support for leading network optimization solutions for video streaming

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