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The Open Visual Communications Consortium (the Consortium) is the first global visual communication exchange based on open standards. This exchange links service provider networks globally so they can deliver breakthrough video connectivity and interoperability, drive business-to-business (B2B) applications, and usher in a new era of consumer visual communications

World-class global service providers (network and managed) came together under Polycom's leadership. Together, we have established a multinetwork, multivendor exchange that will empower all members to deliver a consistent B2B experience and to:

  • Deliver intercompany connectivity that will accelerate the reach and value of customer investments in video and unified communication services and infrastructure
  • Contribute to fair and equitable standards, by establishing guidelines for exchange expansion and creating acceptable performance criteria for all consortium members
  • Preserve their investment in multiple technologies that bring differentiated value for industry commercialization efforts

The Open Visual Communications Consortium provides:

  • An Open-Standard Platform for a Large Variety of Video Solutions – Not a limited, closed environment for a single vendor's products, the Consortium plans to support H.323, SIP, H.264 Cisco Microsoft, BroadSoft and IBM solutions in mixed interaction. The Consortium will have access to and from private enterprises using private line QoS networks or the public Internet. These options are not available through many other exchanges and therefore provide a reasonable entry point for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and, ultimately, consumer subscribers who cannot afford costly, private-line connections.
  • The Largest Reach of Global Video Endpoints from Day 1 – No slow ramp-up will be required to reach critical mass. Further, unlike with proprietary, telepresence-only exchanges, the Open Visual Communications Consortium will support the full spectrum of video systems, from immersive and room systems to high definition and standard definition. Eventually it will also support the broad and growing pool of desktop clients (Microsoft® Office Communications Server, IBM® Lotus® Sametime®, and others).
  • A Service-Delivery Environment, Not Just Multimedia Dial Tone – Subscribers will have access to numerous hosted video applications and services as well as a worldwide network of public rooms. No other telepresence exchange offers a service with these options.
  • Universal Availability – The Consortium plans to provide customers with alternatives to closed, proprietary exchanges. It will make services available through Consortium members and partners. Open Visual Communications Consortium services are planned to be commercially available globally through many of the same channels that Polycom products are purchased in most cases—that is, channels, MSPs, and service providers.

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