Solution Design Service

Polycom technical experts can develop a detailed deployment design for your specific environment

Designing the right deployment plan for a smooth implementation into your production environment

Polycom technical experts have the proven experience and practical knowledge to simplify the integration of Polycom RealPresence Video Solutions into your production environment with minimal impact and maximum ROI.  

Polycom offers a full range of services associated with solution design, network readiness and the physical deployment of your solution, to assist you in deploying your solution successfully into your environment. 

The Solution Design Service is the first step in designing the physical deployment of your solution. By using this service, you can:

  • Obtain a deployment plan for your specific environment that will speed the implementation and integration of your solution
  • Mitigate risks by taking advantage of Polycom’s deep technical expertise at identifying interdependencies before you deploy your solution
  • Save time and money, by reduce the time it takes to get your solution into operation

The Solution Design Service is delivered in four phases:

Phase 1: Discovery

We assess and gather relevant information to understand your planned usage, IT applications, current network, specific technical requirements and/or system integration touchpoints

Phase 2: Analysis

We analyze various technical aspects of the design so your solution integrates smoothly into the environment , ensuring an optimal end-user experience

Phase 3: Review

We present our findings and initial technical recommendations for deployment, which we will base on your requirements

Phase 4: Final Report

We present you with a summary of our findings and the solution design we recommend

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