Polycom Strategy & Planning Services

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As your communications environment becomes more mature, it is even more important to plan how the various components will work together. You also want to consider how easy it will be for people to use it.

Every organization wants to make it easier for employees to communicate. But the environment they are using is becoming more complex as we expect the products of different vendors to seamlessly work together.

When introducing a Polycom solution into the mix, it becomes just as important to plan how this technology will work within your existing production environment. Plan how you want to deploy your solution. Identify where your network must manage higher bandwidth demands or seamlessly integrate into your Microsoft® environment.

Then you can be confident the solution will provide your users with service that is reliable and of high quality.

Polycom has technical experts and consultants who can provide the design and assessment services that make it easier to integrate Polycom solutions into your production environment. These services can:

  • Identify interdependencies and reduce risks before you deploy your solution
  • Create a solution design for your specific environment that will speed the solution’s deployment and integration
  • Produce a solution that works how you want it to
  • Save you time and money by reducing the solution’s implementation time, leading to it being in operation more quickly

As your company expands its communications strategies, the demands on your IT resources continue to increase. You need to manage multiple technologies and the demands and interdependencies they create.

Augment your internal resources with experts from Polycom. Our Design Services team can plan and design the solution deployment that’s right for your environment. These professionals can also identify in advance any areas of your network that may have performance issues.


  • Polycom technical expertise can identify interdependencies and risks before you deploy the solution
  • You can prepare your network for reliable, high-quality voice or video service
  • You can focus your resources on your core business and access Polycom experts who are happy to expand your team’s knowledge
  • You receive a detailed solution design for your specific environment that will speed the solution’s deployment and integration
  • You can reduce any impact that deployment-related issues might pose for your production environment
  • You save time and money... implementation time is reduced so your solution is in operation more quickly 

It’s great you have more communication resources at your fingertips. But you want those tools to work however you want them to and whenever you need them to. That means you must deploy them so they are easy for people throughout your organization to access and use.

Planning how to deploy new technology, and identifying where key areas of usage for the technology will be, means the technology you deploy becomes invisible. You just use it when you want it and have a reliable, high-quality experience every time.

Polycom Design Services lead to:

  • Reliable, high-quality service
  • Technology configured the way you want to use it
  • Technology that is accessible whenever you want it
  • Technology that is easy to use

Video Network Readiness

Provide reliable, high quality video service delivery, configure your network for optimal success

Solution Design Service

Designing the right plan to smoothly deploy your video solution into your production environment

Client Service Manager

Your single point of contact throughout the deployment of your Polycom solution

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