Polycom Voice Services for Open SIP

The expertise you need to smoothly transition to Open SIP platforms for enterprise voice

As customers look to transition from traditional PBXs to Open SIP platforms for Enterprise Voice, Polycom’s VVX handsets and RealPresence Trio collaboration hubs are becoming the solution of choice for many organizations. Polycom Voice Services for Open SIP are focused on ensuring that our customers are successful in deploying Polycom voice devices in an Open SIP environment.

Voice Services for Open SIP are designed to:

  • Assist customers in ensuring the Open SIP platform and the network are prepared to manage voice applications
  • Help customers understand use cases, features and the provisioning process to quickly get started deploying voice devices
  • Support customers with the challenges of deploying hundreds or thousands of handsets around the world

The following offerings are available in the Voice Services for Open SIP portfolio:

Solution Design Service for Voice Endpoints – provides best practices and guidance to jump start the customer’s understanding of use cases, voice features, VVX and Trio provisioning management and handset options

Voice Endpoint End User Orientation – delivers onsite orientation for identified use cases (i.e., boss/admin, reception, etc.)

Installation Service for Voice Endpoints – includes unpacking, assembly, firmware updates, on desk placement and testing of devices

Basic or Advanced Implementation for Voice Endpoints – provides planning, provisioning and support for the deployment of the VVX handsets or RealPresence Trio collaboration hubs 


Voice Services for Open SIP

Learn about the features, benefits and technical specifications of the Voice Services for Open SIP


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