Polycom RealPresence Migration Services

Expedite your return on investment by relying on experts who can help you efficiently migrate your video endpoints to the Polycom RealPresence Platform

Polycom RealPresence Migration services offer customers the assurance that their migration to new technology will be smooth and efficient. By using expert technical resources to plan and execute the migration you identify issues in advance and reduce the impact of any changes to the production environment.

RealPresence Platform Migration Service

If you are considering the option to migrate from the CMA to the new Polycom Resource Manager then Polycom can offer a migration service.

There are some pre-requisites, so please check to confirm the system configuration and any preparations you may need to make prior to the Migration.

The migration from the CMA to the Resource Manager is complex, involving a transfer from Windows to Linux. The Migration service reduces any risks involved by assessing and planning the migration in advance. Ensuring all pre-requisites are met.  Expert technical consultants will perform the migration, and provide a knowledge transfer to your IT team.

RealPresence Endpoint Migration Service

When you decide to upgrade your system to the Polycom RealPresence Platform, you want to start leveraging the features it offers as quickly as possible without disrupting your production environment. The shortest path to that goal is the RealPresence Endpoint Migration service.

Combining our RealPresence Endpoint Migration with our Implementation Services provides you with a seamless, phased approach. An approach in which your infrastructure products get installed first, then your endpoints get migrated (in blocks of fifty) to the new platform.

With a Polycom RealPresence Endpoint Migration you can:

  • Maximize your return on investment, by leveraging experts who can ensure that your collaboration solution is optimized for your business
  • Minimize risk and disruption, which is inherent in any migration activity
  • Enjoy a truly “hands-off” migration, thanks to onsite engineers who can execute project tasks and provide post-migration support
  • Realize benefits of Polycom technology sooner, by using proven methodologies and expert resources to deploy your collaboration tools efficiently 

RealPresence Platform Migration service – CMA- to Resource Manager

Reduce risks inherent in any migration by using expert technical engineers to prepare and perform your migration to minimize any disruption to your production environment

This Migration Service is appropriate for Customer sites where a set of the following Polycom infrastructure products have already been implemented in one single location: Polycom CMA 6.2 and Polycom DMA 7000 5.0. This service is specifically designed to plan and execute the migration from CMA Infrastructure to the Resource Manager Infrastructure Products.

Please see the Service Description for pre-requisites and for full deliverables for the Migration service. Service description available on request.

The Polycom RealPresence Endpoint Migration consists of four key features:

  • Project planning, including a discovery process that outlines key objectives, milestones, and identified resources
  • Onsite endpoint migration, from a legacy or competitive environment to the new Polycom RealPresence solution
  • Migration validation, which a Polycom engineer carries out according to the plan so the transition to your new environment is as smooth as possible
  • One business day of onsite, post-migration support, provided by a Polycom field engineer who assists you with any issues or questions that arise during the changeover to your new solution 


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