Service Specializations

Work with qualified service partners to get the best experience with your Polycom solutions.

The Polycom Partner Network is a global community of solution partners who implement, resell, host or manage, integrate with, and support Polycom RealPresence solutions. Together we provide to our joint customers a menu of unified communications solutions that are comprehensive and best-of-breed.

There are currently four service specializations that Partners can complete in order to offer their own branded services to complete your solution.

  1. RealPresence Service Specialization
  2. RealPresence Platform Implementation Service Specialization
  3. RealPresence Integration Service Specialization
  4. RealPresence Immersive Telepresence Specialization

For those Partners who have made that extra investment and developed their Services business and met the stringent criteria of the Service Specializations, they have the ability to offer the complete solution, wrapping their own services and expertise around the Polycom products.

In order for solutions to be deployed properly and for you to have the best experience Polycom requires that all RealPresence Platform components be installed by an appropriately qualified organization. A qualified organization is defined as either one that has been certified under Polycom’s RealPresence Platform Implementation Services Specialization program or Polycom’s Global Services Organization.

Implementations services are a key component of our solutions and in order to protect our customers Polycom require that you only purchase these services through partners who are certified to resell Polycom services or from RealPresence Implementation Services Specialized Partners, who will have the appropriate project management, knowledge and technical skills to deploy your solution successfully.

Partners who complete the RealPresence Service Specialization also offer ongoing maintenance and support services.

Partners who complete the RealPresence Integration Service Specialization have additional skills and certifications for integrating Polycom solutions into Microsoft environments.

Partners who have invested in the RealPresence Immersive Telepresence Specialization have invested in training and certifications specific to project managing, deploying and supporting RealPresence Immersive Telepresence suites.

Make sure you validate your Channel Partners Service credentials to make sure you are purchasing from a Service Specialized partner who has met and maintained the criteria to deploy and /or support Polycom Solutions.

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