Polycom Resident Technical Service

Benefit from a dedicated Polycom technician, resident at a site you designate

Onsite, dedicated, technical support for your Polycom solution

You base your business decisions on many factors unique to your business environment.The decision between having technical expertise in-house or outsourcing that expertise to maximize the use of your communication solution is key to gaining a faster return on your investment (ROI).

The Polycom Resident Technical Service eliminates any potential strain on your internal resources by providing you with a Polycom resident technician, who is available up to 40 hours per week for a specified term. Located at your designated site or facility, this resident engineer is also available to travel to other sites, subject to your Polycom agreement.

The technician will support your daily operations onsite, solve technical problems and help manage service levels.

Polycom offers three categories of resident technicians, each of which delivers an increasing scope of technical expertise. The resident technician you will have onsite depends on your support requirements.

The benefits of Polycom Resident Technical Service are:

  • Enhancement of your in-house technical resources with technical expertise delivered onsite by a Polycom technician
  • Faster issue management and resolution
  • An onsite resource, who has direct access to Polycom's entire knowledge base and additional remote expertise
  • A technical resource who is an expert in Polycom products and familiar with your environment


Polycom Resident Technical Services Data Sheet

Polycom can supplement your existing staff with continuous, onsite technical and networking expertise


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