Get more from your video conferencing investment

This white paper gives you five easy steps that can immediately help increase the use and effectiveness of video collaboration

Download this guide to:

  • Identify video collaboration champions
  • Make sure your network, systems and rooms are ready
  • Promote video across your organization
  • Train users on LOB applications and value
  • Track your progress


See how Polycom utilization reports take the guesswork out of important
planning decisions. Watch the video.

Download sample Advantage Service reports

Endpoint Utilization Report

This standardized report is based on the “Endpoint Usage Report”, for the previous month.

  • Percentage of calls by system and call type
  • Daily call analysis
  • Endpoint trending
  • Most and least utilized system type
  • Network and endpoint statistics


Benchmarking Endpoint Overview Report

This report focuses on key metrics that are benchmarked against other corporations that utilize video as part of their collaboration strategy.

  • Utilization regularity
  • Network readiness
  • Success rate
  • MCU utilization