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Polycom Customer Care Services, protect your collaboration investment with ongoing software upgrades and expert global support. As a result, you maximize the return on your investment with improved uptime and increased usage. You also gain peace of mind, knowing that you have support from the experience, knowledge, infrastructure and resources of Polycom.

By providing fast, effective support, Polycom helps you focus on your core business while you get the most from your collaboration solution.

When you turn to Polycom Customer Care Services, you can:

  • Benefit from the latest features and enhancements released by Polycom through our Software Upgrade program
  • Access technical support that gives you the reassurance of help should you need it
  • Get parts shipped the same day, which can reduce your downtime

The Customer Care Services available from Polycom are here to ensure that you are successful in using video conferencing in your environment from the day you deploy it throughout the lifecycle of the solution. Polycom Services are here to support you through whatever changes you need to make, to make sure your investment is always performing to your needs.

Polycom and our Service Specialized Partners provide a comprehensive choice of Support Services to meet your business needs.

  • Access to technical support during business hours or 24x7 ensures you maximize the availability of your solution
  • Latest software upgrades provide investment protection through latest features and enhancements
  • Proactive support options gives you visibility of solution performance to make informed decisions real time

Polycom offers the expertise to help you maximize your investment in Polycom. Through our User Adoption Services we support your initiatives to engage with your users to promote, educate and monitor usage.

Operationally we want your solutions to be performing optimally at all times, so let us help you keep your solutions up to date and optimized to meet your business needs, however they may develop over time.

Support Services

A comprehensive range of support services that protect your investment, maximize your ROI and deliver peace of mind

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