Polycom’s VVX x50 OBi Edition desktop phones are the first certified desk phones to work with Google Voice for G Suite. The VVX x50 Series OBi Edition IP phones deliver a simple and cost-effective way for businesses to take advantage of Google Voice for G Suite.

Together with our rich selection of certified headsets for Google Voice, you can be assured that whatever your work style is, we have the solution!


Google Voice for G Suite


Google Voice

Google Voice is a cloud telephony service built for G Suite customers of all sizes. Voice introduces ease of use and management, Google AI and integrations with G Suite alongside enterprise SLAs, compliance and security. To learn more, visit the Google Voice web page.


Certified Desktop VOIP Phones for Google Voice


Certified Desktop VOIP Phones for Google Voice

Polycom VVX 150/250/350/450 OBi are the first certified desktop phones offering Google Voice customers crystal clear audio, easy deployment and administration, and intuitive user experience. The offering is a result of an alliance between Poly and Google Cloud to create solutions for businesses that reply on Google Voice. The VVX x50 Series OBi Edition phones deliver a simple and cost-effective way for businesses to optimize their collaboration experience with Google Voice.


Legendary HD Audio with Polycom VVX

  • Best in-class system design - The OBi Edition is packaged with the VVX hardware design for a total solution that maximizes the overall sound quality
  • Polycom HD Voice - Leveraging over 20 years of leadership in communications technology, Polycom HD Voice delivers over twice the clarity of ordinary phone calls for life-like, vibrant conversations.
  • Polycom Acoustic Fence - Keeps business conversations free from extraneous noises and distractions by dramatically improving the most important component of the VVX experience - voice clarity.

Easy to Use with Ergonomic and Intuitive Design

  • Ease of use - Color display delivers an engaging experience with visual information at a glance
  • Remote desk phone call control - USB port(s) and RJ9 headset support with electronic hook switch
  • Highly customizable - Adjustable base height

Poly Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth Headset is also certified for Google Voice and works with Hangouts Meet. Learn more

Easy Deployment and Administration with Google Voice

  • Reduce your initial deployment time and costs - Easily onboard your devices with the Google Voice service. Login to your G Suite portal as an admin, associate the VVX to the G Suite user, and assign a phone number to it. End-users can also add their own phones at the Google Voice portal.
  • No rework or special configuration needed - Grab any Polycom VVX x50 OBi Edition phone off-the-rack.*
  • Synchronized with G Suite - Users can access voicemails, call history, settings and more at the Google Voice for G Suite web portal.

*Cannot be a reworked phone from another service provider unless they release it.

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VVX 250 OBi Edition
VVX 350 OBi Edition
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