BlueJeans customers can now enjoy BlueJeans Meetings in their conference rooms with certified Polycom video conferencing devices.


Bring BlueJeans into the Polycom Conference Room


BlueJeans Software in Polycom Conference Rooms

Bring cloud-based video from BlueJeans into Polycom conference rooms with certified video conferencing equipment such as Polycom RealPresence Group Series 310, 500 and 700, RealPresence Debut, and Polycom Trio.


Ensure a Seamless Collaboration Experience


Ensure a Seamless Collaboration Experience

The combined Polycom + BlueJeans offering elevates the video-as-a-service meeting to an HD experience in rooms of all shaped and sizes. From huddle spaces to board rooms to classroom-sized spaces, users enjoy an integrated calendering experience and can join meetings with the touch of a button.


BlueJeans customers can join a BlueJeans Meeting using Polycom in-room video conferencing equipment, taking advantage of Polycom’s award-winning in-room meeting experience.

Elevated Audio

  • Polycom HD audio technology automatically reduces background noise and delivers advanced echo cancellation, keeping meetings on track and free from distractions.
  • Even more obtrusive noises are removed by NoiseBlock technology. Don’t let annoying keyboard clicks or rustling paperwork interrupt your meeting workflow.
  • Acoustic Fence technology captures sounds from inside the virtual fence while blocking out everything else, enabling crystal clear video collaboration in bullpens and other open workspaces.

Elevated Video

  • Auto-tracking camera follows the active speaker ensuring far-end participants can follow the conversation.
  • Auto-focus video conferencing camera ensures everyone looks perfect in the room.

Polycom and BlueJeans customer support teams are trained and ready to respond to customers with both BlueJeans and Polycom solutions.

Certified Room Systems

Poly Studio

RealPresence Group Series 310
Group 310
RealPresence Group Series 500
Group 500
RealPresence Group Series 700
Group 700
Polycom Trio 8800
Polycom Trio 8800
Polycom Trio 8500
Polycom Trio 8500


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RealPresence Group Series Overview



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