Peripherals for Group Conferencing Solutions

It’s time to take your meetings to the next level with peripherals for Polycom Group Conferencing solutions including RealPresence Group Series and Polycom Trio. From camera options that automatically show everyone in the room without using a remote control, to sharing and marking up content in real-time, to hearing every nuance in even the largest rooms, to simple controls, meetings will never be the same. Designed around how you work, peripherals help technology fade into the background so you can focus on important discussions instead.

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EagleEye IV Camera

4x and 12x cameras have a completely digital camera sensor to capture incredible detail for more natural communication. With a wide field of view, these cameras are flexible enough to use in any room environment.

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EagleEye Producer

EagleEye Producer provides hands-free camera operation and delivers key analytical data to the business. The system continually scans the room and seamlessly commands the movable camera to appropriately frame everyone in the room.

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EagleEye Digital Extender

Increases the flexibility of your video conference needs by mounting your EagleEye IV or EagleEye Acoustic cameras up to 330 feet away from your Group Series system.

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Ceiling Microphones

Consistent, reliable, 360-degree voice pickup that also eliminates clutter from the table. When paired with Polycom video conferencing or installed audio solutions, the audio capture and delivery is unmatched.

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Tabletop Microphone

Tabletop microphone array is a powerful microphone in a compact package. With 360-degree voice pickup, everyone in the room is heard crystal clear.

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SoundStructure C-Series

Some rooms require more audio capabilities than standard conference phone or video systems provide. SoundStructure C-Series installed audio solution delivers a truly immersive audio experience for both voice and video conferences.

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Remote Control

With complete control in the palm of your hand, the Polycom remote control’s reduced number of buttons lets you navigate your meetings with ease.

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Polycom USB Solutions for Microsoft Surface Hub

This data sheet shows Polycom's USB audio and video peripherals supported with Microsoft Surface Hub (in a Skype for Business call)


RealPresence Group Series Accessories Catalog

Take your meetings to the next level by adding accessories for RealPresence Group Series


Polycom EagleEye Mini Camera

Compact camera with big time performance—making your favorite Polycom audio meetings more meaningful


Polycom Trio Peripherals Matrix

There are a variety of accessories available to use when Group Series is paired with Polycom Trio


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