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  • New capabilities for effective interaction
  • Doubled the maximum number of simultaneous video sessions that could take place
  • Effective cross-functional interaction between employees based at geographically dispersed locations

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SIBUR creates workforce collaboration suite using Polycom content and video technologies

Polycom teamed up with the system integrators Asteros and Delta Telecom to build a workforce collaboration suite for the major gas processing and petrochemicals company SIBUR. The meeting rooms are now fully equipped with the state-of-the-art multifunctional collaboration suite and Polycom RealPresence OTX Studio has also been implemented to provide high-level immersive telepresence experience for both internal as well as external meetings with customers and business partners.

SIBUR is Russia’s leading gas processing and petrochemicals company that employs more than 28,000 people across 26 industrial sites. The group sells fuel and crude products to the domestic and international markets, and supplies it to the petrochemical businesses as feedstock for further processing.

One of the main priorities of the company’s IT department is to ensure that communications between SIBUR enterprises is seamless and efficient. SIBUR is making significant investments in several large scale and organization-wide projects. The company is in the process of digitally transforming the business and as a logical next step decided to invest in Polycom technology in order to adopt voice, content and video collaboration as one of the main business communication tools for their employees, customers and partners.

The solutions accomplish the following objectives for SIBUR:
• Ensure the system is optimized for fault tolerance
• Increase the video collaboration capacity for daily business use
• Equip 70%–80% of the employee desktops with Skype for Business client
• Video-equip meeting and conference rooms in the corporate center in Moscow
• Make video collaboration easy to use for their employees to drive adoption

After analyzing the collaboration market and examining the offers of various vendors, the working group decided in favor of Polycom with whom SIBUR has already been successfully collaborating for over five years. Polycom was selected for its ability to comply with the highest business security requirements, and reliability, fault tolerance, ease of management, convenient access, as well as the professional picture and sound quality offered by its solutions.

The solutions were installed in the conference halls, meeting rooms and engineering rooms by Asteros Group, the system integrator that specializes in deployment and support of Polycom systems in Russia. Another system integrator, Delta Telecom, completed the technical upgrade of the management platform and strengthened the core of the video conferencing system with the flagship RealPresence Collaboration Server 4000. Delta Telecom’s experts developed a tailored model for gradual migration to the new equipment that did not disrupt the company’s usual telecom services, and orchestrated the whole migration process working closely with the group’s regional IT departments.

The newly installed collaboration servers for management and servicing were the primary components of the deployed video collaboration infrastructure. To ensure fault tolerance of the network core and uninterrupted operation of the service, the most critical components were backed up using redundant servers.

As a result of the upgrade of the videoconferencing infrastructure, the maximum number of video sessions that could take place simultaneously has now doubled, and the overall resource capacity of the distributed Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Servers has tripled.

Implementation of the project in SIBUR’s Moscow corporate center resulted in building and video-equipping of 17 rooms. These rooms included convention halls, small- and medium-sized conference rooms, and a classroom. One of the main distinguishing features of the project was implementation of immersive telepresence systems in two conference halls which are now equipped with Polycom RealPresence OTX Studio system.

As part of the project, 70–80% of the computers of SIBUR employees were also equipped with the Skype for Business unified communication client, which is fully compatible with all Polycom solutions. Thus, the office personnel now has an effective tool for working on corporate-wide projects with improved joint decision-making time.

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