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Samara, Russia: Improving patient care through an innovative telemedicine solution

Samara is the sixth largest city in Russia. With its suburbs, it forms the Samara region of nearly 2,5 million inhabitants. It is located 860 km south east of Moscow, near Kazakhstan.

In cooperation with Department of Information Technologies and Communications of the Samara region and the State Budgetary Institution of the Samara Region "Regional Telecommunications Centre" Polycom video collaboration solutions were deployed in more than 50 medical institutions in the Samara Region.

Today, this project delivers improved healthcare to everyone in the region with Polycom collaboration solutions being used on a daily basis:

  • Routine multidisciplinary meetings are held every day between the medical institutions and the Ministry of healthcare.
  • Patient cases are reviewed by experts from anywhere in the region.
  • Doctors consult colleagues from any medical institutions of the region in the realtime and receive information and advice without delay.
  • Patients are able to have consultations with any doctor in the region, no matter which medical institution they are in.
  • Education and training is done quickly and efficiently to all medical staff

Video collaboration has transformed medical care in the Samara region and improves the quality and accessibility of medical services for all residents.

Samara Region State Budgetary Institution "Regional Telecommunications Center"

The Regional Telecommunications Center operates in such areas as: setting up a regional telecommunications network based on satellite technologies; creating a unified process complex of regional telecommunications, TV and radio broadcasting networks; implementing telecommunications projects; producing TV and radio programs; creating a regional information and telecommunications network for executive authorities and social infrastructure in the Samara Region; introducing modern satellite technologies in the Samara Region, including GLONASS/GPS navigation and information systems; as well as building a regional multi-service data transmission network.


The main purpose for introducing the video conferencing service was to reduce significantly the telecommunications costs for executive authorities, local selfgovernment bodies, medical institutions and social facilities. Various vendors were considered during the selection process. Based on an analysis, the choice was made in favor of Polycom as it best met the requirements for a complex video conferencing structure for all branches of the Samara Region Government. Another argument in favour of Polycom was the positive experience of the Samara Region Government’s top officials who tried video conferencing solutions prior to making the final decision. Amongst the several solutions they tried, they found Polycom to be easiest to use, most user friendly.


With video collaboration, problems are solved faster. A complicated patient case can be reviewed by health professionals in real time, from anywhere. Giving the patient expert care, everytime. It allows the Region to optimise operations and improve the performance of all its medical centers.

Viktor Nikolaevich Pimenov, Head of the Telecommunications Networks and Structures Maintenance Office, says it best: "To sum up, we can say unambiguously the project not only produces positive results such as a considerable reduction in transportation expenses for medical institutions and an easy-to-use distance conferencing facility, but also is immensely beneficial for the public. When it comes to saving thousands of lives, all other benefits are less important".