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  • Reduced travel by up to 70 percent
  • Improved efficiency by breaking through distance
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration
  • Accelerated decision-making

Lintasarta Breaks Down Distance Barriers, Reduces Travel Costs with Polycom Telepresence

Lintasarta uses Polycom Telepresence to manage its multiple networks to reach out to its many global clients and reduces travel costs by 70 percent.

PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta was established in 1988 with a mission to be the leading provider in data  communication, internet and value-added solutions throughout Indonesia. Since then, Lintasarta has grown from being an information network provider focused on the finance sector to become a pioneer of technology-based services.

With more than 1,600 corporate clients, Lintasarta’s services and solutions are supported by a  geographically-diverse staff and over 16,000 networks through its Next Generation Network (NGN)-based infrastructure. Lintasarta’s network coverage spans over 100 cities in Indonesia and 220 countries worldwide. 

Streamlining Communications Across Distances

With teams distributed across regional offices, branches and hubs in more than 40 cities in Indonesia, effective communication was a recurring challenge for Lintasarta, and the frequency of senior managers travelling between offices for meetings resulted in increased costs and decreased productivity.

In order to ease the burden of travel and enhance collaboration, Lintasarta first introduced audio conferencing across their organisation. Though successful to a degree, the company discovered that audio lacked the cues and subtleties that face-to-face communication allows, such as body language and side-bar conversations. Additionally, the lack of content-sharing capabilities reduced the productivity of the meeting experience.

Lintasarta then began investigating video collaboration, and through Polycom’s local business partner PT Inov Perdana Teknologi, was introduced to the benefits of Polycom’s high-definition (HD) telepresence solutions.

“Polycom offered exactly what we were looking for - a complete telepresence solution that facilitates face-to-face meetings without the need to travel and is easy to use and deploy across the organisation,” said Ms. Yosi, General Manager IT, PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta.

Polycom telepresence provided Lintasarta with the solution the company needed to be more effective. By leveraging high-definition telepresence, Lintasarta streamlined business communications between geographically dispersed teams, which dramatically improved workflow efficiency and resulted in accelerated-decision making across the organisation. As an added benefit, Lintasarta reduced travel costs by up to 70 percent.

Widespread Company Use of Telepresence Solution

Initially installed for regional management meetings, Polycom’s telepresence solutions were quickly adopted throughout the organisation.

“Polycom’s room telepresence solutions are incredibly user friendly, which is why they were so readily adopted in our organisation,” said Ms. Yosi. “The uptake has been so rapid that already we have seen up to 70 percent reduction in travel and its related-costs. By reducing our travel, we have been able to be more productive and efficient in the way we operate.”   

Telepresence is now the company’s default delivery method for facilitating sales, product training and moderate-level technical training. As a result, communication and collaboration has increased two-fold and staff members now have the ability to conduct meetings from anywhere, at any time, without having to travel. Employees now interact with one another in realtime from their own regional base. In the majority of cases, Lintasarta’s training is conducted remotely and collaboratively.

“With Polycom’s telepresence solutions, we can schedule meetings when and where we please without having to leave the office,” said Ms. Yosi. “This has resulted in greater productivity and accelerated-decision making. In addition, the experience is so life-like; with high-definition we can all hear and see each other as clearly as if we were in the same room which has made communicating much easier.”

Cost Savings with Polycom UC Intelligent Core

As Lintasarta’s network continued to expand, they leveraged technological enhancements from Polycom to further enhance operational efficiency. “By upgrading our network with technology evolutions, we are consistently improving our network quality, which increases user confidence and creates the best experience technically possible,” said Ms. Yosi.

With the Polycom UC Intelligent Core providing a secure and reliable communications infrastructure, Lintasarta extended HD video across the organisation while using up to half the bandwidth of competitive solutions by leveraging the H.264 High Profile compression standard from Polycom. The organisation also benefits from the UC Intelligent Core’s ability to connect the most people in the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Telepresence as a Managed Service

Polycom’s telepresence solutions proved so beneficial to Lintasarta’s business, the company now provides a managed service for its corporate customers. By adding a conferencing bridge to its internal network, Lintasarta has expanded capacity to provide this additional service to its customers.

As part of this managed service, Polycom’s telepresence solutions can be supported by five different types of Lintasarta’s network, which include: Frame Relay, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Fiber Optic, VSAT and Internet. While exclusively for Lintasarta’s Internet network, customers can use providers other than Lintasarta to support their telepresence needs.

“We are extremely satisfied with the customer take-up of our services,” said Ms. Yosi. “Feedback regarding the network performance and the results our customers garner is overwhelming.” Ms. Yosi continued, “Our own experience with telepresence as a communications tool has helped us to articulate its benefits. Just as we are advocates of this great technology, our customers are also singing its praises.”

“Once our customers experience first-hand the benefits of telepresence, which include reduction in travel costs, increased productivity and more effective collaboration, they find it difficult to continue to justify the costs associated with frequent travel.”

Next Steps

Going forward, Lintasarta foresees the increasing uses for Polycom’s HD telepresence solutions across the organisation, including leveraging the value-added service for its customers.

As the first provider of this kind of managed service in Indonesia, Lintasarta is at the forefront of innovation, and will continue to provide the best value proposition for its customers possible, with the help of Polycom’s HD telepresence solutions.

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