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  • Saved an excess of £100,000 annually
  • Faster decision making through immersive video
  • Improved employee integration adds productivity
  • Reduced time-to-market launches
  • Created access though personal mobile devices

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Mobile communications leader connects enterprises and partners with their global customers.

mBlox, a mobile communications solutions leader, connects enterprises and partners with their 5 billion customers through their preferred mobile device in over 180 countries.


mBlox, a global leader in mobile engagement solutions, delivers a combination of software and services that enables enterprises and solution partners to engage with 5 billion consumers by providing connections to 800 mobile operators in over 180 countries, enabling transactions with consumers on any mobile device across the globe.


Due to the nature of it’s business, mBlox needs to maintain multiple relationships across the globe. They found that although video communications were imperative to their business, it was difficult to operate the exiting solution as it involved managing a piecemeal external voice conference service and a video conference solution along with managing the mBlox PBX’s and the contracts and training associated with it. mBlox wanted to improve its existing video conferencing solutions to reduce their travel costs and improve communications. They felt it was important to have a unified communications solution that not only worked, but was fast, easy to navigate and use across all the global offices and allow for the prolific number of conference bridges required.

“We required an immersive 24/7 collaborative meeting environment,” said Andrew Mutty, Senior Vice President of Production and Customer Services, mBlox. “Getting people to work together across global offices in multiple time zones can be very difficult, and the nature of our business means we do an enormous amount of group conference calls. Just using voice communications alone doesn’t provide the personal interaction we required – you don’t see the body language, which makes it harder to understand the intonations, the unsaid things that you can get from a video conference. Being able to communicate face-to-face from anywhere makes all the difference when working across language and cultural divides, and it also helps us to be more productive and get to market with new innovations faster.”

Solutions and Implementation

mBlox commissioned Gage Networks, provider of Cloud Communications for Global Business, to deliver Polycom® RealPresence® Video collaboration solutions and supply a completely outsourced cloud deployment to intelligently manage the entire video infrastructure over their Cloud Communications Platform, which leverages the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform. This allowed the solution to be managed through a single point of contact and an existing relationship with Gage Networks as a data management center helped provide a full global solution.

mBlox chose Polycom® HDX® 7000 Room Telepresence systems, across three office sites in London, Singapore and Sunnyvale, along with Polycom® VVX® 1500 video-enabled business media phones. All of which is fully integrated into the Gage Networks Global Cloud Communications Platform with Cloud Contact Centre and IP Telephony delivered across a converged global MPLS network also provided by Gage Networks.

“Gage Networks relationship with mBlox has grown over a number of years,” said Andrew Davis, Chief Executive Officer of Gage Networks. “The key value proposition for mBlox was to communicate globally and simply through one communications platform. The ability to bring in third parties through a Cloud Communications Platform such as the Gage Networks Multi-Party Video Bridge, which leverages the Polycom RealPresence Platform, has enabled companies with a multi-site location such as mBlox to do short code 4-digit dialing between different continents and locations. The Gage Networks Cloud Communications Platform provides an extremely cost-effective way to truly unify communications. Short digit dialing rather than dialing through multiple carriers around the world is now available to small companies like mBlox rather than just being in the realm of large enterprises.”


Through its relationship with both Gage Networks and Polycom, mBlox have moved away from using external conferencing service providers and removed the service costs associated with multipoint video calls.

mBlox saw returns within just three months with savings in excess of £100,000, annually, allowing for the Polycom solution to pay for itself. With more sophisticated video collaboration resources in place we’ve also dramatically cut travel costs and increased employee productivity.

The expense dedicated to managing our communications resources has also dropped by integrating our audio and video conferencing and multiparty bridging solutions through a cloud communications platform.

Having a unified video conference solution in place has allowed for much smoother and interactive day-to-day activities such as all-hands meetings.

Because the HDX 7000 sits on a cart it can be wheeled out of the meeting rooms and into the open plan office area to allow everyone to participate and take part in the discussion. They have also utilised the portability to the full in meetings with the American office so as to move the camera to view Wembley stadium whilst the football and American Football was on so the American office could remotely zoom in to the stadium.

The quality of the HD video has been a huge plus for global video conference calls and the additional clarity of HD voice adds even more depth and realism to the meetings. Having a comprehensive menu and dialing function means mBlox have all of the sites and meeting rooms available at a touch of a button. This has led to extensive use and adoption of the solution.

Executive employees now have more more flexibility as home offices are equipped with Polycom VVX 1500 units so they’re just a four-digit dial from any mBlox location.

Global product and solution training activities are now carried out via the two HDX 7000 series units in the UK office and the one in the Singapore office. These have not only improved communications, they have also allowed for increased communications across the offices and relative departments as they are continuously in use through the main time periods of a two hour time window, where the time zones overlap.

The Future

The results have been so positive mBlox plans to expand its video conferencing to the remaining European offices and pulling in some of its external call center hosting onto the Polycom platform.

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