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  • Captured formal and informal legal practice
  • Increased training materials tenfold
  • Facilitated global knowledge transfer
  • Utilized low-bandwidth employee access
  • Shared premium information with new audiences

Knowledge based law firm keeps global legal partners issue-current through video communications.


Linklaters is one of the world’s largest law firms with over 20 major practice areas including multi-national banking, asset finance, capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. The organization sustains its world-renowned expertise through extensive, continuous training and communications efforts that ensure that its 2,000 attorneys—whether in Beijing, Brussels or Budapest—are as familiar with the latest U.K., U.S. or other regional regulations and practices as its London headquarters staff.

Technology Limitations Stifle Growth

Legal training and communications are integral to Linklaters’ global brand integrity and reputation for service excellence. With 6,000 employees in 23 countries, Linklaters’ training team realized that growing global demand for their services was outstripping their ability to deliver.

“It used to take anywhere from two to four months to develop a single product with the e-learning system we were using and our attorneys complained that the recordings took too much time to review,” said Neil Thomas, strategy consultant for Linklaters. The company also produced a number of video segments professionally, but was equally discouraged by lengthy production time and the hefty price tag of £2500-6000 per segment.

Making the Case for Polycom

Linklaters hired Arthur Andersen consultant Neil Thomas to work with a cross-section of Linklaters’ partners to define the company’s communications requirements and research appropriate technologies. The company selected Polycom solutions because they enabled them to both easily create and edit rich media communications, as well as manage the finished assets and understand how employees were viewing and interacting with the growing content library.

Commenting on the selection, Thomas noted, “Polycom is an all-encompassing technology that allows the training organization to create and publish, and manage reporting features—from start to finish. And since it’s simple to use, it lowers administrative costs since IT doesn’t have to look after the publishing of all presentations.”

Linklaters deployed Polycom RealPresence Capture Station solutions in key training and meeting rooms to capture and publish video, audio, and VGA-captured videos into rich media communications for streamlined delivery over the corporate network. Linklaters also installed Polycom RealPresence Media Manager which enables them to search and manage rich media assets through a customized portal. The system also enables Linklaters to protect their intellectual property by authenticating multi-level viewer access, and to track and report on viewers to assess training and communications program effectiveness.

Bottom Line Impact

Polycom Video Content Management solutions have had a major impact throughout Linklaters’ business—from improving and increasing communications effectiveness to streamlining knowledge transfer of legal developments and best practices among partners worldwide.

Linklaters has been able to improve both the volume and relevance of the training materials it produces. The training department has increased output tenfold, expanding the number of materials produced from two each month to two every day. Inventory has already topped 250 presentations that have been delivered on a wide variety of subjects spanning a variety of areas.

Since the Polycom solution speeds creation and delivery of training modules, Linklaters can rapidly respond to regulatory changes and share innovative approaches to new or emerging legal areas. This just-in-time knowledge transfer has resulted not only in better prepared attorneys, but has been used to land new clients.

Linklaters uses the Polycom solution to extend knowledge of specialized practice areas across its 30 global offices. In additional to keeping foreign nationals apprised of changes in English law, the system ensures that all offices are well-versed in the broadest possible cross section of legal expertise. Experts from specific practice areas—such as Legal Investment Funds—have developed and branded their own series of learning aids that have been accessed extensively by attorneys in Singapore, India, and China.

The solution has even been used to support the firm’s senior partner election process. Using the Polycom RealPresence™ Media Manager to authenticate and track the intended audience of 520 partners, Linklaters was able to confirm that 100% of the intended audience had viewed the online presentations.

Testifying for Rich Media

Acceptance of the Polycom rich media communications solution has been universally positive among employees. “Our people are very hardworking—they appreciate that the information is always available, 24x7 and that they can search for presentations—whether they are in an office in Korea or Bratislava—in any area they need to know about just by logging on.”

This time, however, Linklaters training and IT staff have a scalable and modular solution in place that ensures that they can not only respond to growing demand, but they can also proactively extend the benefits of the online materials to new audiences—including customers and employees at home or on the road.

About Polycom

Polycom is the global leader in standards-based unified communications (UC) solutions for telepresence, video, and voice powered by the Polycom RealPresence Platform. The RealPresence Platform interoperates with the broadest range of business, mobile, and social applications and devices. More than 400,000 organizations trust Polycom solutions to collaborate and meet face-to-face from any location for more productive and effective engagement with colleagues, partners, customers, and prospects. Polycom, together with its broad partner ecosystem, provides customers with the best TCO, scalability, and security—on premises, hosted, or cloud delivered.

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