Johnson Electric

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  • Quick adoption and ease of use
  • Delivers flexibility
  • Improves worklow
  • Improves collaboration

Johnson Electric innovates with Polycom® RealPresence One™

Johnson Electric is the global leader in motion subsystems. The company creates and delivers motors, actuators, and microswitches to numerous companies in the automotive industry, and various commercial and industrial applications. The company headquartered in Hong Kong is divided into 3 regions: Asia, the Americas and EMEA.

Johnson Electric has offices all over Europe and the Middle East. To facilitate communications and workflow between the sites in Europe, as well as with the teams in Asia and the Americas, they chose to deploy Polycom Solutions before video conferencing was popular.

The company has the ambitions to deliver its workforce with the best solutions to enable them to work efficiently, and easily. Video conferencing is a service that has been available at Johnson Electric for years, and is the option of choice for collaborations between sites and departments. The IT department researches the market constantly for the latest and best offers, and chose Polycom RealPresence One immediatly following the product launch.

“We needed a solution that is smart and cost effective. When I heard about Polycom RealPresence One, I knew we had found it,” shares the Johnson Electric IT manager.

In EMEA, Johnson Electric has endpoints in 14 countries, and Polycom® RealPresence® Desktop on hundreds of personal devices like PCs, tablets, and phones. As the workforce at Johnson Electric is diverse and mobile, endpoints keep increasing – it was time to invest in infrastructure to manage the solutions, and deliver additional functionalities. Johnson Electric explored several options and Polycom RealPresence One fit their requirements perfectly. The virtual infrastructure gives Johnson Electric the flexibility, manageablitly and scalablity it needs. The solution is a fully   virtualised Polycom video infrastructure combined with a subscription-based licensing model. It is a complete software and service solution.

The solution is managed by Polycom Partner Elmec and provides call control for H.323 and SIP compatible devices. It supports up to 75,000 device registrations, or any device that supports industry standards. This is important for Johnson Electric as the offices located in Asia and the Americas are using solutions from other vendors. The Polycom solutions being vendor-universal and based on open standards allows calls to be established simply from and to any device.

The Johnson Electric IT manager explains, “Our workforce are gathering in one room and calling another group at another office. Multipoint calls are about 50% of the traffic. As people are  discovering the incredible value of working together, it goes up. This is what is so smart about Polycom RealPresence One: it is easy to scale as demand and usage grow.”

Polycom fulfilled Johnson Electric’s need for IT Desktop services to improve productivity and facilitate workflow while reducing costs. The video meeting solution simplifies collaboration, accelerates innovations within Johnson Electric, and thus reduces time to market.