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INPEX Improves Communication and Productivity, Realising ROI In Nine Months.


INPEX is a worldwide oil and gas exploration and production company currently involved in more than 70 projects across 26 countries. It is ranked in the Top 50 global petroleum companies and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

INPEX has been a part of the Australian business community since 1986 and is involved in a number of projects in Australia and the Timor Sea including the Van Gogh Project, Darwin LNG, and the Ichthys Project, now in the planning stage of development.

Gas from the Ichthys Field, in the Browse Basin offshore of Western Australia, is expected to produce approximately 8.4 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas and 1.6 million tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas per annum, and 100,000 barrels of condensate per day at peak.

This highly complex project becomes even more intricate during the FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) phase, which is marked by a high frequency of strategic and highly detailed planning sessions between INPEX’s international offices and global joint venture partner, Total. Effective and frequent communication is essential, and lengthy meetings between the Australian offices in Darwin and Perth, London, and the Japan offices in Yokohama and Tokyo, traditionally involved significant travel for busy executives. This resulted in unnecessary down time and, potentially, deferred decision making.

Need for business continuity expedites video take-up

Recognising the value of visual communications to support the business needs of work teams at all levels of the organisation, INPEX chose a Polycom HDX 7000 series room video solution. Infrastructure & Telecommunications Principal, Jason Brotherson, worked with Polycom to expand the solution for INPEX’s specific needs.

Clear lines of communication are integral to the success of the Ichthys Project, and a life-like meeting experience helps INPEX’s geographically dispersed teams collaborate as if all participants were in the same room. Polycom’s video solution—which includes HD voice technology and simultaneous HD content-sharing capabilities—enables INPEX to routinely collaborate without the time, costs and environmental impacts associated with travel. Indeed, Polycom video collaboration has become synonymous with instant, interactive planning meetings, and forms a regular part of day to-day business interactions for INPEX. The Polycom HDX 7000 room video solution is now often used up to six hours a day.

The sudden global outbreak of the swine flu (H1N1) virus further strengthened the value of video collaboration services for INPEX. When strict travel restrictions were introduced to limit the spread of the virus, Polycom solutions enabled INPEX’s teams to maintain business productivity without interruption.

ROI in action

The constant use of the system, coupled with the dramatic cut in business-related travel, enabled INPEX to realise a return on investment (ROI) in just nine months.

“Polycom’s video solutions make us more effective by increasing productivity as well as reducing travel-related costs,” said Brotherson. “And Polycom’s reputation as the best-in-class provider of open-standards based video collaboration services makes it the obvious choice for our requirements.

“The solutions are easy to use, reliable and effective, which is why we have been able to achieve such high ROI.”

As exceptional performance was vital, the next step was to establish a global, company-wide IP network to link the offices.

Leading by example

Spurred on by the CEO’s need to be instantly contactable INPEX added his own Polycom HDX 6000 video system.

This enabled on-demand contact with counterparts in London, Yokohama and Tokyo, as well as remote direct reports and contractors around the globe. The CEO now conducts meetings from his own office, as if he were physically present across the globe. This reduces decisionmaking time significantly to keep projects progressing at a faster pace.

Communicating outside the internal network

The effectiveness of video collaboration in enhancing internal communication was indisputable, so INPEX’s next step was to extend video to their external contractors in the same way.

As the Ichthys Project involves working with different company and contractor teams based in London, Oslo, Paris, Yokohama and Tokyo, incorporating video collaboration into their communications strategy was invaluable.

“We were confident many of our contractors have Polycom video solutions, further reinforcing Polycom’s value proposition as the partner of choice.”

INPEX’s Polycom video solution

Following the benefits reaped from video collaboration in Australia, INPEX rolled out a global Polycom video network. The project was led by Australia to enhance communications between its other project offices and its Japan headquarters.

Using a Polycom RMX 2000 conferencing bridge, INPEX now has end points in Darwin and London, two endpoints in Yokohama, and eight in Perth, which all run over its global IP network.

Next steps

Due to the frequency with which video collaboration capabilities are being utilised, INPEX intends to upgrade its solution to double capacity. As the Ichthys Project grows, so too will the need for additional capacity. Its plans also extend to adding the Polycom Converged Management Application (Polycom CMA) 5000 solution to support its expansion, as well as provide simplified dialing, click-to-call and directory search capabilities.

Committed to video collaboration as its preferred form of communication, INPEX will continue to grow its solution along with business requirements and advances in technology.

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