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Growing Irish Businesses Beyond the Borders

As Ireland strengthens its business reputation in the European marketplace, the power of relationships is paramount.

Ibec is an organization dedicated to leading, shaping, and promoting business policy and conditions to drive economic success. They offer a range of investor relations, human resource policy, and lobbying services to their members. With 160 employees in seven offices and over 7,000 members across numerous sectors, the organization's ability to communicate is crucial.

"Video has been transformational for us," says Martin Wells, director of member services at Ibec. "It's imperative we connect with people in the regions, not just for Ibec staff, but for our membership and organizations. It makes things more immediate."

The Ibec Board comprises of CEOs and business leaders scattered across Ireland and working from every corner of the globe. Connecting them is critical. "These guys are busy. You'll never get them all here physically, so it's been great for us that way," says Wells. "It means we're fluid all the time and we can stick to agendas and keeping things going."

Beyond its Irish borders, Ibec maintains a European team in Brussels, Belgium that is instrumental to the governance and regulation process. Bridging that gap has been a win for all. "Rather than having to fly back and forth, we can do stuff quickly now.  We can make the sessions and understand the impacts," explains Wells. "It just makes us that much more agile and flexible in the way we work."

Time and distance greatly impact planning and Ibec has enhanced work-life balance for its internal staff, while ramping up value. "By using the system, we don't have people traveling from Cork or Waterford or Donegal to Dublin for a meeting or training workshop that might only last an hour or two," says Yvonne Clancy, director of talent at Ibec. "It's much more time effective for people."

At the end of the day, Ibec has pieced together all the components to better serve its members and customers. Wells notes the importance of collaboration. "Making sure we connect with everyone is very important, so we all feel like one organization, one team."