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Vacation management firm with 640,000 rental homes in 168 countries improves productivity and efficiency with video collaboration

Video collaboration network improves HomeAway vacation rental management agency productivity and efficiency by connecting employees at 20 locations in eight countries.

The employees of HomeAway®, the world's largest online marketplace for vacation rentals, often find themselves away from their primary workspaces.

To ensure the organization remains as efficient and productive as possible, it relies on Polycom RealPresence video collaboration solutions to empower employees to communicate face to face across its many distributed business locations. The Polycom solutions are transforming Home Away’s culture into one that where video collaboration is ubiquitous.

The video solution includes the Polycom RealPresence Platform, along with video systems that connect employees and clients across various environments. Those range from conference rooms to work offices to home offices to mobile or field offices. The tools are helping HomeAway pursue its goals of using faster and more effective collaboration to increase its productivity and reduce its operating costs.

"We live and breathe video collaboration – it's fundamental to our culture," says David O'Rourke, senior manager, global IT, HomeAway. "We have Polycom deployed across four continents and conduct videoconferences every day.

“A key component of our video collaboration strategy is the use of mobile devices like the iPad 2 or the new iPad to increase the productivity of remote personnel, whether they are in their living room, on the road or in a vacation rental property. Polycom has made it all possible with secure and reliable HD video that enables our distributed team to have face-to-face conversations from anywhere. We can even show each other video of new properties in real time.

“Polycom's platform is breaking down time and distance barriers and helping fuel our growth by allowing our people to meet anywhere at any time."

When HomeAway first began using video conferencing, the company turned to common consumer services. However, the company's business has grown dramatically. So, HomeAway now has a customer base with listings that span more than 168 countries. In all, it offers more than 640,000 vacation rental homes across a portfolio of high-traffic Web sites, including HomeAway.com and VRBO.com.

As HomeAway grew, the company realized it needed a more reliable, scalable, and secure video collaboration solution to bring together employees in 20 different locations worldwide. HomeAway chose the Polycom RealPresence Platform due to its robust provisioning, management, scalability, reliability, and security.

Built on open standards, the RealPresence Platform interoperates with the industry's broadest range of communications applications. This interoperability protects customers' existing investments by ensuring backwards- and forwards-compatibility with existing, as well as new and future communication and collaboration systems.

Because of Polycom's focus on interoperability, the RealPresence Platform transforms islands of employees and fragmented communications systems into a seamless video enterprise. That makes enterprise-grade video easily and securely accessible to all authorized personnel... whether they're mobile, remote, or on-site.

HomeAway's implementation also includes Polycom HDX Series room telepresence systems -- which feature the Polycom EagleEye Director for immersive video collaboration -- as well as desktop and mobile offerings from Polycom.

Meanwhile, Polycom RealPresence Mobile, introduced in late 2011, extends the reach of video collaboration beyond the office. It enables mobile employees to participate in group or one-on-one video meetings on the device of their choice. HomeAway is moving aggressively to expand its use of video collaboration on mobile devices and expects to have more than 250 Polycom-enabled mobile devices in use by the end of 2012.

The HomeAway staff uses Polycom solutions for many aspects of its internal communications, from all-hands meetings to professional development. The company has found that face-to-face interaction through rich video communication is helping foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and streamlined decision making.