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Polycom and Microsoft Integrated Unified Communications Platform Delivers Seamless High Definition Voice and Video Collaboration to Goodman’s Global Workforce


Goodman Group is an integrated property group with operations throughout Asia, Europe, North America and Brazil. The company’s Australian business, Goodman Limited, manages a portfolio of 185 properties in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. With a record of rapid expansion, the company is now the largest industrial property group listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

An early adopter of innovative business solutions, Goodman executives wanted to explore new ways to help employees, contractors and customers collaborate effectively. They began by introducing “Space to Work”, an activity-based working model in its Sydney office, as well as looking at ways to improve communication between its different offices. Achieving both these goals meant improving the existing outdated PaBX phone system. So, working together, Polycom, Microsoft and systems specialist, Ensyst, replaced the PaBX with a unified communications platform.

By connecting Polycom® CX IP Phones and Polycom® RealPresence™ video solutions, together with Microsoft Lync call and contact-management software, Goodman created an intuitive voice and video capability that staff can easily operate from their desktops or in dedicated video conference rooms. Now, Goodman’s employees have the ability to collaborate quickly and efficiently, holding face-to-face conversations with colleagues regardless of which state or country they’re in, and making meetings more productive with real-time content sharing.

Turning Dispersed Colleagues into Global Teams

From their Sydney head office, the Goodman team looked for new and innovative ways to improve communication between colleagues who worked in different states and on overseas projects. In the past, staff were only able to communicate by email and phone. This slowed down decision making, and made interstate and multinational projects difficult to manage efficiently. Goodman executives believed however, that in order to remain ahead of its competitors and support business growth, its staff needed the tools to collaborate more quickly and intuitively, wherever they were located. Bart Tuteleers, Head of Infrastructure at Goodman Limited, is a strong advocate of video collaboration. “When you’re dispersed across Australia and the globe as we are, face-to-face communication helps builds relationships, resolve issues and expedite business,” says Tuteleers. “I wanted video collaboration solutions on every desktop so that interacting with colleagues overseas and sharing documents in real time became a natural part of everyday communication.”

In September 2011, Polycom and Microsoft worked with leading technology deployment company, Ensyst, to replace the company’s Australian PaBX phone system with a complete end-to-end unified communications platform, based on Microsoft® Lync ServerTM 2010. It included Polycom CX® Solutions, including desktop IP phones and conference phones, as well as the Polycom® RealPresence™ Room (HDX® Series). Both work seamlessly with Lync, so staff can assess colleagues’ availability, judge the best mode of communication, and connect a voice or video call with a single click, without having to switch between applications.

Video Collaboration Promotes Business Without Borders

For smaller meetings with 8–12 participants, Goodman staff use the Polycom CX® 5000 HD Unified Conference Station. It combines a range of voice and video collaboration features, allowing staff to turn any meeting room into an impromptu video conferencing suite. Because the system incorporates a 360-degree panoramic perspective with an active speaker view, staff find remote conversations flow easily, and they’ve
gained flexibility in the way they work.

For larger meetings, Goodman looked to the Polycom HDX® 8000 room system. This provides high-definition (HD) video and audio-communication, as well as embedded content-sharing. The quality of HD voice and video conferencing means staff can collaborate as if they are in the same room, helping colleagues in different Goodman offices work as one team.

Desktop Integration Delivers Ease of Use

Both HD video and audio-only calls are connected straight from the Lync desktop client. As a result, staff can monitor colleagues’ availability using presence, and start instant messaging, voice or video calls just by clicking on an email or a colleagues’ contact list entry.

“We chose Polycom for its reputation as the global leader in open standardsbased unified communication solutions, and a key component of that was also its close relationship with Microsoft,” says Tuteleers. “The way their products integrate seamlessly, especially in terms of Microsoft Lync, is quite remarkable. We have been seriously impressed by how comfortable staff are with the technology.”

High-quality Video for Mid-sized Companies

Tuteleers believes the Polycom video and voice solution marks a decisive point in the evolution of corporate communications technologies. “Polycom has opened up video to mid-size companies, not just huge corporations,” he says.

General Manager of Ensyst, Nick Sone believes the Goodman team has set a great example: “This is a fantastic showcase for what can be achieved when you invest in the right technology. We followed Polycom and Microsoft best practice in this implementation, and together we have delivered a superb value-add for Goodman.”

A Clear Perspective on the Future

Tuteleers is now exploring how Goodman can derive greater value from its investment. “Our offices overseas have asked if we can roll out the Polycom solutions across our entire network. We hope to expand our engagement with Polycom well into the future.”

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“We chose Polycom for its reputation as the global leader in open standards-based unified communication solutions, but a key component was also its close relationship with Microsoft.”

Bart Tuteleers, Head of Infrastructure, Goodman Limited