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  • How the The Gävleborg citizens have benefited from enhanced video collaboration with Polycom.

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Achieving over 50% year-over-year growth in video call usage for healthcare

Gävleborg county is located on the Baltic Sea on the southeastern part of Sweden. Founded in 1762, Gävleborg has an approximate population of 285,000 people. The county is one of the largest in Sweden and is about the size of the U.S. state of New Jersey.

In order to communicate on key issues such as healthcare, the local government has used video conferencing to connect centers-of-excellence to smaller video-enabled health centers and rooms across the region. "For years, we focused our efforts on calculating travel costs and CO2 tons that we saved by using video meetings,” says Robert Wallner, IT system administrator at Gävleborg County.

With more and more medical locations going online over the past decade, the government has faced new challenges, including the need for user interface (UI) consistency and to deliver even more flexible solutions to cost-sensitive and rural areas of the county. “After careful evaluation, Polycom® RealConnect™ was selected because it has the best integration between Group Series and their rollout of Microsoft® Skype® for Business,” says Robert. “We chose Polycom RealConnect because it was the most technically advanced and provided users with a flexible and consistent experience.”

The result? Video calls for healthcare in the region increased by approximately 50% from 2016 to 2017.

The Gävleborg citizens have benefited from enhanced video collaboration with Polycom, including shorter waiting times and ultimately better patient care. For example, during an osteoporosis video conference, many elderly citizens gathered at regional locations to learn about treatments and ask questions. "Many of the video meetings in the healthcare system take place in our dedicated video room, but there’s a need to go further,” says Robert. "Our main goal for the future is to get video communication into people's homes."

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