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  • Visual communications and rich exchanges improving team efficiencies, saving time and costs.

For Croon Elektrotechniek B.V., Polycom and Microsoft are part of their sustainability engagement

As one of the oldest electrical engineering firms in the Netherlands, Croon Elektrotechniek B.V. is responsible for the complete electrical installations in thousands of buildings, countless ships and many industrial complexes throughout the Dutch market and beyond. Croon is a reliable electrical installation provider able to carry out simple to bold, leading-edge projects. The company offers heat tracing, maintenance consultancy, high voltage, panel building, survey and inspection, technical automation, wind power, integrated building concept, high end security, and maintenance services. It serves customers in industrial, non-residential, infrastructure, and marine and offshore markets. From design to management and maintenance, nationally and internationally, Croon is proud to have established long-term relationships with its customers for over 135 years.

Croon prides itself on having a 'green' attitude, and promotes sustainable behaviour for all employees and clients in everything they do. From energy-saving lighting, waste management to hybrid company vehicles, everything at Croon is done to ensure all processes address current environmental concerns. It is with this in mind, that videoconferencing has been in place for many years at Croon. With 22 offices throughout the Netherlands, two in Poland, one in Aruba and another in Houston Texas, USA, video meetings between the different sites are part of every ones work day. As Croon is organised into technology groups, business groups and branches, teams are often spread out in different offices, making video collaboration essential to work together. Some team members may be located in offices separated by just a few kilometers, on the other side of Rotterdam, but with traffic being so busy, everyone prefers to stay in their location and accomplish their work from their desk, rather than spend hours commuting. "Everyone prefers to have a meeting by video, rather than endure the morning traffic of Rotterdam!" confirms Jhon Megens, IT Manager at Croon.

The engineers in the Netherlands often work on projects with the engineers in Poland, and thanks to Polycom, they can meet face-to-face regularly, share content, and save a great deal of time. The monthly meeting of the IT Department is now done via video, on a Polycom Virtual meeting room. The possibility to meet by video has also given a new wind to the Home Office program. The home based employees feel more connected as they are able to participate visually to meetings.

Jhon Megens, and Richard Meeuwisse, Back office Coordinator with their Polycom Account Manager designed the base of the visual communication project. Richard and Ravi Jakhari System Administrator implemented the solution which is now fully operational and meeting all the main objectives : reduce travel, reduce cost and of course and improve the company’s sustainability.

They started with Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010, and they replaced their existing video solutions with Polycom Group Series as they were best to integrate natively with Microsoft. Jhon Megens shares his opinion on the new Polycom Group Series solution, "the Polycom Group Series is exceptional! Delivering excellent virtual meeting experience every time, the quality of the video and the audio is simply incredible."

As they deployed the project, the team was aware that the key to a successful solution is simplicity and accessibility. With the goal being to have all 2500 employees use video collaboration solutions, it needed to be reliable, excellent quality and simple to use.

They created personal virtual meeting rooms for each employee, and everyone can organise meetings on their own. Thanks to Microsoft Lync and Polycom, the employees are able to work from anywhere, home, or on the road, in their office or any other location.

The solution is widely adopted, and teams communicate better, exchange information faster and deliver the best possible service to their customers. And it is going to keep expanding, as it is the provocative of the holdings to increase the visual communications within the groups.

Megens and his team are constantly looking towards the future, and improvingthe collaboration possibilities for the team. They are currently testing Polycom RealPresence Mobile, already available on a selected group of users, which they would like to make available to all employees mobile devices.

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