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  • Decrease in travel time and cost
  • Efficient and timely decision-making
  • Establish training and development facility

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Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) is an autonomous, non-governmental, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization that serves the interest of the business community of Addis Ababa and its members. According to the general notice number 90/1947, the major functions of the chamber include promoting trade and investment, serving as a bridge between the government and the private sector advocating for improvement of business environment, and disseminating business information.

With over 15,000 registered members, Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations is the largest and the oldest chamber of commerce in Ethiopia. As a member of World Chambers Federation, the AACCSA has a prominent place among the international chamber houses. The chamber has introduced an ambitious five-year strategic plan starting
from 2012/13 up to 2016/17, wherein the organisation will closely monitor and learn from the difference made by their own work so the chamber can continue to be one of the strongest in Africa.

The key achievements of the previous five-year strategic plan saw the chamber expand and develop its membership program, policy advocacy, business development services, relationship with other chambers, institutional capacity and public image. AACCSA also established institutions, such as Training Institute, Arbitration Institute, and Ethiopian Institute of Corporate Governance as well as trade and investment departments, as their forward looking initiatives.

AACCSA was looking for a Full HD quality video solution to enable members to connect to and participate in video calls with ease, from anywhere, anytime. There was also a growing need to virtually meet with external colleagues, through telephone or video meetings to make more efficient and sensitive decisions.

The chamber selected Polycom RealPresence Group Series to enhance the regional businesses’ ability to support trade and investment across Ethiopia and the rest of the world. With the support of Polycom partner, Symbol Technologies, one of the leading ICT system integrators in Ethiopia, the solution was tested by conducting a live video conferencing session
between Gondar University and the Board of Directors of AACCSA.

The AACCSA employees are now able to connect, meet and share content with ease through its video conferencing facility. The resulting enterprise-grade video, voice and content collaboration solution helps accelerate decision-making and foster innovation while enabling efficient and secure exchange of information.

“Now AACCSA members and the entire business community can use the newly installed state of the art Polycom video conferencing facility(VCF) to enhance trade and investment between themselves and the business communities located far and beyond. Through the Polycom VCF, businesses would be able to participate in training programs, conduct business meetings and negotiations as well as share experiences. The VCF further facilitates transfer of technologies and information on various products and processes,” a spokesperson at AACCSA comments.

Polycom’s solutions accomplish the following objectives for AACCSA:

  • Connect employees based across remote offices, including international locations.
  • Enable face-to-face meetings to support efficient and sensitive decision-making.
  • Increase the video collaboration capacity for daily use, such as future training sessions.
  • Reduce the travel costs and travel time for employees to foster business growth.

“We are always delighted to see our customer satisfied with the deployed solution. We have provided the customer with Polycom’s state of the art RealPresence Group Series 500 which fits perfectly with their requirement,” comments Kennedy Bizuayehu, Head – Converged IT and Collaboration, Symbol Technologies PLC.

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