Do you find yourself asking meeting participants to repeat themselves because the audio quality isn’t crystal clear?  Have you ever accidentally ended an important call by hanging up instead of selecting mute?    Audio conferencing has evolved and it’s time to eliminate these time and productivity-wasters. 

25 years ago, Polycom changed the voice of business by inventing the first modern conference phone. Now we’ve raised the bar again with Polycom Trio™ - conference phones reimagined.

Watch this three-part video series to find out the top 10 reasons to upgrade your conference phone and see and learn all about the newest star on the conference table, Polycom Trio.

Part 1:  Top 10 reasons to upgrade your conference phone (Duration: 08:40 minutes)

Part 2:  Polycom Trio – See why they are conference phones reimagined (Duration: 12:00 minutes)

Part 3:  Polycom Trio - Multi-platform connectivity done simply (Duration: 03:00 minutes)

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