3 winning huddle room solutions

How to choose the right collaboration technology for your huddle rooms – Watch the replay now!  

Watch now the webinar presented by a Polycom Product Marketing Manager Brian Philips featuring the best collaboration solutions for Huddle Rooms.

Huddle rooms are the fastest growing type of meeting space and many organizations are struggling with the best way to affordably outfit these smaller rooms with collaboration technology. 

Our interactive session will cover the following hot topics:

  • Why are huddle rooms so important
  • Characteristics of huddle rooms
  • User experience and administration considerations
  • Review of different approaches to adding collaboration to huddle rooms and the pros and cons of each
  • What to look for in evaluating different solutions and features
  • Review and comparison of different Polycom solutions for huddle rooms

Register now to learn the latest trends about huddle rooms and other smaller spaces and why they will continue growing in number.  You will find out different approaches to collaboration technology in these smaller spaces, and how to avoid pitfalls and mistakes many organizations make.  You will also hear about Polycom’s latest generation of huddle room collaboration solutions.

The Presenter

Brian Philips,
Senior Product Marketing Manager,


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