Watch Now! Huddle room makeover: Experience the Polycom huddle room advantage

Huddle rooms are growing faster than any other type of meeting space, and most organizations are wrestling with the best way to video-enable them. It’s critical to equip them with video solutions suitable for the environment, as most traditional video systems are too large and expensive for widespread deployment in smaller rooms.

But there’s a lot more to it than just picking the least expensive option. The way video is used in huddle rooms requires solutions that are simple to use and automatically adjust to the conditions to avoid creating headaches for both users and IT administrators.

Watch now an interactive session where Polycom experts will demonstrate the latest innovations in huddle room video collaboration technology.

What you’ll learn:

  • The different considerations at play when putting video in huddle rooms vs. traditional conference rooms
  • Why going cheap with camera-only solutions results in a wasted investment that no one will use
  • User interface and control considerations unique to smaller rooms
  • How Polycom’s unique audio innovations deliver a better user experience and drive productivity
  • …and much more!


The Presenters

Brian Phillips,
Senior Product Marketing Manager,

Kerri Whelan,
Product Marketing Manager,

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