The Future of the Conference Room with Wainhouse

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The Future of the Conference Room with Wainhouse

With telecommuting and mobility on the rise in the workplace, the conference room as the main hub of collaboration is beginning to look like an archaic concept. Wainhouse Senior Analyst Andrew Davis believes it’s just the opposite. With the proliferation of video collaboration, conference rooms are actually becoming an even more integral part of the workplace.

Topics covered are:

  • Moving conference rooms from telepresence toward democratization
  • Shifting technology from transcoding to switching
  • The importance of interoperability, incorporating personal and mobile
  • Infrastructure sharing, including on-premise, cloud and hybrid
  • The value of conference room systems, vs. personal and mobile
  • Fitting into the new telecommunication ecosystem


Senior Analyst and co-founder of Wainhouse, Andrew Davis and  Sr. Product Manager for Polycom Brian Phillips

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