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How to enable affordable enterprise video for everyone – Watch Now!

Watch now the webinar presented by Polycom VP of Product Marketing John Antanaitis and VP of Professional and Managed Services Jonathan Nikols.

Whether organizations want to improve communication, increase productivity or enhance corporate culture nothing is more effective than solutions that elevate the power of human collaboration.  It’s a journey that starts with identifying what problems you want to solve, changes you want to make to your business, and how you will measure success.  Along the way, it’s not a technology decision but an affordable investment in solutions that can not only make a difference today and in the future.  

This webinar covers the following topics:       

  • Key trends fueling a new generation of enterprise video with a focus on workspaces, experience, and workflows.
  • Avoid the pitfall of thinking “one size fits all” - high quality video is unachievable at low cost and within your budget.
  • Hear how Polycom’s video collaboration infrastructure software, RealPresence Clariti, empowers businesses of all sizes and budgets with a simple, powerful and cloud-ready solution.


John Antanaitis,
VP Product Marketing

Jonathan Nikols,
VP Professional and Managed Services

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