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Polycom Guide to Collaborating Across Borders

Video Will Be the #1 Preferred Business Communications Tool by 2016.
Are You Prepared?

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A comprehensive survey of 1,205 business decision makers revealed nearly all of them (96%) believe videoconferencing removes distance barriers and improves productivity between teams in different cities and countries. They agree that videoconferencing helps close the physical and cultural gap between colleagues doing business across distances.

According to the survey videoconferencing is already the third most preferred communications tool today (after e-mail and voice calls), and is expected to be the most preferred collaboration tool in three years.

The Polycom Guide to Collaborating Across Borders is filled with more survey results, a discussion of the implications of the findings, and a wealth of insights and tips for collaborating effectively across borders. Discover how companies of all sizes successfully use videoconferencing today to defy distance. Download your copy now.

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Video Conferencing Expected to be Preferred Business Communications Tool in 2016 According to New Survey on Global Video Conferencing Trends and Etiquette


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Polycom Guide to Collaborating Across Borders, an insightful guide book to understand the nuances of doing business across the globe.

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