More Utilization. More Value.

The truth is, you can supply your workforce with the most advanced technology that provides significant benefit, but they still may not use it. To achieve the deep, transformative benefits of collaboration technology, it needs to be incorporated into your culture and integrate into your teams daily tasks. And that begins with setting up the solution correctly from the beginning and providing easy access to your employees.

With 25 years of experience helping organizations make this transformation, we can help you take the essential steps to unleash the full power of human collaboration and ensure success.

Steps to Better Collaboration

Ensure access for everyone

  • Make collaboration tools available in the workspaces and on the devices that your employees want to use.
  • Manage and maintain all systems to ensure consistent availability and high-quality experiences your workforce.
  • Maintain a consistent experience across all locations and devices.

Make the technology invisible and easy to use

  • Ensure that solutions are intuitive, easy to access, and incorporated into daily workflows.
  • Communicate clear procedures and expectations for interacting with external audiences such as customers, vendors, and partners.
  • Equip all environments for collaboration so they're always ready to go—rooms properly set up, desks properly equipped, and mobile devices loaded with the correct apps.
  • Create one single point of support that's easy for workers to remember: one number, one Web page, and one email address.

Drive awareness and familiarity

  • Educate employees about your organization's goals and the value of remote collaboration.
  • Create an internal marketing plan that encourages workers to try out the new solution.
  • Provide employees with simple training tools that are easily accessible.
  • Integrate collaboration training into the new employee onboarding process.
  • Share daily or weekly tips on collaboration etiquette and remote meeting management.
  • Ensure that executive leadership adopts the new collaboration solution for use in corporate events, all hands meetings, and other important gatherings.
  • Enlist collaboration champions across every department to lead by example and influence their teams.
  • Encourage your external partners, customers and vendors to use collaboration tools, too—and make it easy for them to access.

Jump-start your adoption program

Call in the experts to help you create an effective adoption program and ensure a powerful culture of collaboration that drives success. You can partner with us at any time throughout your adoption lifecycle for services including design, deployment, support, optimization and management.

Some of our specific adoption services include:

  • Adoption consulting services
  • Marketing campaigns (email, banners, tabletops, etc.)
  • Analytics tools for tracking utilization, capacity, and performance
  • Adoption portal with a library of how-to training videos and other educational materials
Polycom Adoption Services Overview

Polycom Adoption Services Overview


Polycom Adoption Consulting

Polycom Adoption Consulting


Polycom Adoption Campaign

Polycom Adoption Campaign


Polycom Adoption Portal

Polycom Adoption Portal



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