Polycom Solutions for Education

Next-generation learning for the road ahead. Polycom video, voice and content sharing solutions empower educators to deliver exceptional, high-impact learning experiences.


Collaborative Education

Bring the world to students and students to the world. Polycom collaborative video, voice and content sharing solutions enable you to re-design education delivery with engaging, interactive learning.


Collaborative Education

Create a classroom without borders via video, voice and content sharing solutions. Polycom solutions enable you to do more with less and meet students' expectations for an engaging, interactive learning experience.

What you can do

  • Overcome budget cuts through distance learning and expanded course offerings
  • Save educators, administrators and students time via video meetings
  • Create new education offerings that prepare students to be leaders in tomorrrow's workforce

Education Administration

Drive success more efficiently. Polycom collaborative video, voice and content sharing solutions improve operational efficiencies and help educators and administrators better manage their workdays.


Education Administration

Regain ownership of your time. Hold virtual meetings, lecture no matter where you are, interact face-to-face with students via mobile, track student analytics and customize your workstyle around your life.

What you can do

  • Manage lectures and content for live or on-demand viewing
  • Streamline communications with faculty, staff and students
  • Gain a competitive edge by implementing the latest technology

Programs & Resources

Polycom Content Searchable Database

Search hundreds of video conferencing programs from different providers. The database provides content providers, educational outreach programs from organizations such as zoos, museums, author’s, experts in the field and much more.

Academic and Instructional Training

To ensure successful implementation and adoption of video conferencing and collaboration, our services are designed to fit your administrative, instructional, or other needs.

Grant Assistance

Find funding to implement video conferencing and voice conferencing solutions.

A Day in the Life of an Educator

Learn how to create a collaborative learning environment where it’s possible to integrate and work with students using multiple tools and technologies


Polycom Solutions in Education

Discover Polycom solutions that are perfectly tailored for all levels of education.



"Polycom video enables us to take kids places they could never go otherwise, as flying across the world is just not a feasible option.
It's a life changing experience for students in the program. "

Chris Plutte, Executive Director
Global Nomads Group