Smart Conferencing for all Your Meeting Rooms

Polycom Trio is the smartphone for your modern conference rooms. Marrying our legendary voice quality, with powerful video and content performance. Polycom Trio is scalable for all your meeting spaces.


Powerful Video and Content Performance


Scalable for Every Environment

  • Enhanced HD Voice and 360 ° microphone coverage
  • Easily pair your mobile device or laptop to Polycom Trio using USB or Bluetooth
  • Polycom's exclusive NoiseBlock technology
  • Add another dimension to your audio meetings by adding videoconferencing and content sharing using Polycom Trio Visual+ or RealPresence Group Series
  • Powerful video performance: select from a variety of feature-rich EagleEye cameras
  • Versatile content sharing capabilities available for use both wired and wirelessly
  • Increase video adoption since users are confident they always know how to use the technology in every room
  • Select the right components for every space – adding tracking cameras, ceiling microphones, or wireless content as needed depending on the requirements of each unique meeting space
  • Multi-ecosystem support allows for connectivity to multiple platforms simultaneously – ideal for hybrid environments (link to video)
  • Consistent management and deployment, minimizing IT resource requirements as one common provisioning and management approach for all rooms requires less time to learn and oversee

One Solution. Many Possibilities.

Small Room

Polycom Trio provides legendary audio with options for adding video and content sharing and a simple to use interface is ideal and cost-effective for small teams.

Medium Room

Polycom Trio at the center of the room ensures teams of 5-8 are productive. Choose a feature-rich EagleEye camera, single or dual displays, and content options to suit your needs.

Large Room

Perfect for teams of 8-10+ people, Polycom Trio 8800 combined with RealPresence Group Series, provides the ultimate in price performance and choice.

Scalable for Every Environment

Polycom Trio supports hybrid registration. What does this mean to you? It means it’s YOUR call. Choose from leading UC platforms and chances are Polycom Trio supports it. What’s more – you can register to multiple platforms simultaneously. Relax – it just works. Pick a couple of platforms – it’s fine with us.

Polycom Trio Family

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Select the Right Phone for Your Workspace

This guide helps you select the right devices for different workspaces and provides feature comparisons of the latest Polycom desk phones and conference phones.


Technical Overview

Polycom Trio 8800

Polycom Trio 8500

Polycom Trio Conference Phone Highlights

360° microphone coverage
Up to 20-foot / 6-meters microphone pickup
Up to 14-foot / 4.2-meters microphone pickup
Easily extend the reach with optional expansion microphones(wired)
Ideal for large conference rooms
Ideal for small to mid-size conference rooms
Eliminate non-speech background noise with Polycom NoiseBlock
Simplify call platform transitions with hybrid SIP line registration (up to 3 lines)
Simplified operation with 5” color touchscreen
One-touch-join meeting experience through Microsoft Exchange calendar integration
Mute buttons on each leg for simplified operation and convenience
Certified Microsoft Skype for Business and Office 365 Cloud PBX
Based on open standards to ensure interoperability with leading open SIP and video platforms (H.264 AVC, H.264 High Profile, X-H.264UC)
Connect via USB, Bluetooth/NFC or IP and use Polycom Trio as a speakerphone for cloud based conferences or multi-media playback
NFC supported on Trio 8800 only
Local 5-way HD Voice conference
Dual registration of up to 2 lines (same platform)
Hybrid registration for multi-platform environments
Secure Wi-Fi network connectivity
Energy Star compliant
Simple management and provisioning via Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager 10.1 or above

Polycom Trio Video Conferencing Solution

With Polycom Trio you can right-size the technology to meet the needs of every workspace. Start with Trio 8800 or 8500, and then add a video and content accessory to complete the solution
Polycom Trio Visual+
Polycom RealPresence Group Series
Camera Input
USB (UVC 1.5)
Cameras supported
EagleEye IV USB
EagleEye Mini
Logitech C930e
EagleEye IV
EagleEye IV USB
EagleEye Producer
EagleEye Director II
EagleEye Acoustic
Wired content sharing inputs
USB, using People+Content IP
USB, using People+Content IP
Wireless content options
People+Content IP
Skype for Business
People+Content IP
Skype for Business
Local content presentation using AirPlay and Miracast enabled devices
Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) support in Skype for Business calls
Receive only
Transmit (HDMI in) & receive
Polycom Ceiling Microphone Array support
3.5mm audio output
Power options
Power over Ethernet
AC Adapter

Pick the Right Conference Phone

Learn how to select the right conference phone to start every call off right. Get detailed comparisons of the Polycom Trio family of conference phone solutions.

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Introducing Polycom Trio 8500


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