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Maybe the world’s most perfect technology is the technology that gets out of the way.

The new Polycom UX can be summed up in one word. Effortless. From the moment your company takes a technology assessment through to product delivery and implementation along with tips, demos and tools provided by our adoption services, our ambition as a company is to provide the most effortless, end to end experience imaginable. Which is, perhaps, why a recent Forrester Wave™ report top-ranked Polycom for video conferencing “strategy” and “current offerings,” , and gave us perfect scores for Quality of Experience, Interoperability, Product Roadmap, Partners, and Security and Compliance.

At Polycom, we see these new products and innovations as a giant leap forward in the world of video collaboration. The experience, ease of use, cost of implementation, maintenance, device integration, consistency and fidelity of the new Polycom experience will set the industry standard today and in the future.

This is our work as a company, to push the greatness of human collaboration forward.

Polycom UX

Polycom UX - Superior Polycom User Experience and next generation end points.

Polycom RealPresence
Access Director

Scalable and secure firewall traversal solution that enables seamless video collaboration
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Polycom RealPresence
CloudAXIS Suite

Uniting video islands for secure, enterprise-grade B2B and B2C video collaboration.
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RealPresence Platform

Polycom RealPresence solutions offer video collaboration on any device from any location.
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One unified experience, ready to change the future of collaboration.

Collaboration. It’s perhaps the greatest power we have as human beings. With it, we solve the world’s most difficult problems. We imagine and innovate amazing new ideas, discover things never before imaginable. We have breakthroughs that advance everyone and everything our culture depends on. Which is why, at Polycom, collaboration is our business. It’s what drives us to innovate, refine and perfect experiences that bring collaborative minds together in the simplest, yet most powerful, ways imaginable.

There’s never been a better time to be in the collaboration business. Thanks to advances in networks, mobility, video and virtualization, the potential of ubiquitous video collaboration has begun to take hold in our daily routines—both as consumers and in our business lives. 

But with all of this innovation, there is also frustration. Too many devices run too many different video applications and can’t communicate with each other. Too few enterprise-class solutions exist, and those that do can’t truly scale across the company nor provide the appropriate level of security required by the IT team; collaboration becomes limited to the elite few, not the entire company. What currently exists in the market falls far short of what we as individuals demand for quality, reliability and ease of use.

The truth is, the company that figures out these challenges of simplicity, interoperability, affordability, usability, quality and security will be the company that changes the way people work forever.

That is the level of transformation we believe the new Polycom experience will deliver, and it starts with one simple point of focus: the people who use our products.

Designed by Polycom. Inspired by you.

Creating a truly game-changing, enterprise-class video solution starts with looking at every aspect of the user experience—from ease of use to simplicity to look and feel. It all comes together in the new Polycom User Experience (Polycom UX), and every aspect of that experience is designed with the user in mind.

The Polycom UX boasts over 20 new user innovations. Everything from a stunning new user-focused interface —built from the ground up to reflect the way our customers want to work—to the one-click simplicity of functions like speed dial and calendared meetings.

We looked at the incredible array of devices that run our technology and designed Polycom UX to be ready to enable a visually consistent experience across every device and system in use today. We have started this journey with our new solutions, and very soon you will see this experience across all Polycom software and devices. With features like smart menus that remember the last-used contact source, elegant and intuitive navigation, and a dramatically simplified, new remote control, it’s no surprise that just about anyone can easily use the new Polycom UX the first time, without any training.

Understanding the way our customers want to work—both in function and in form—has led to more innovations, with stunning new designs of our desk phones and our incredible new Polycom RealPresence VisualEdge executive desktop video collaboration solution.

Of course, user experience is as much about fidelity and convenience as it is about look and feel. Polycom NoiseCancel improves collaboration by automatically eliminating unwanted or distracting noises like keyboard typing or paper shuffling. Polycom SmartPairing technology, built into Polycom RealPresence Mobile 2.0, wirelessly connects Apple iPads to Polycom RealPresence Group Series, enhanced Polycom HDX Series, and Polycom RealPresence VisualEdge, letting users control video meetings with their tablets and transfer a live video call from their tablet to a big screen with the swipe of a finger.

These breakthrough features, products and solutions are all the more incredible given that they add to our latest industry-leading, patented and patent-pending solutions:

  • Polycom ConstantClarity enables extraordinary audio and video fidelity allowing users to literally distinguish every syllable of every word heard in a Polycom video conference and to have an amazing video experience even in challenging environments
  • Polycom SmartFocus intuitively zooms in and follows the active speaker in a video conference room using our patented voice and facial pattern recognition technology
  • Polycom FullView allows participants in an immersive theater to move freely around the room while maintaining the integrity of their full on-screen view
  • Polycom EyeConnect keeps natural, eye-to-eye contact in an immersive theatre with participants in different locations.

All told, this list of innovations amounts to the most comprehensive enterprise-class video collaboration offering in the industry, delivering an unmatched experience to our customers. Now, everyone across the enterprise can access the power, simplicity and clarity of the new Polycom experience on almost any device and in every environment.


An incredible experience begins and ends with the IT pro.

No solution, no matter how innovative, can ignore the very real challenges of cost and implementation the IT administrator faces every day. That’s why, as a company of engineers and developers, we constantly strive to create innovations that will deploy and scale easily, help integrate and simplify systems, lower OPEX both in terms of travel costs and running our solutions, and ensure lasting adoption across the company.

This commitment to understanding the challenges of enterprise IT is part of our heritage as a company and, today, our next-generation solutions go a giant leap further. As the trend toward the cloud and virtualization becomes the standard, Polycom solutions will soon run on any industry-standard server, leveraging the power of virtualization and freeing the IT administrator from the challenge of integrating purpose-built systems into their environments. Support for SVC, along with our already native integration of AVC technology, allows for unprecedented interoperability between the two protocols.

Additionally, we recognize that as back-end technology systems become increasingly outsourced and accessed as a utility, service providers and solution providers will be the de facto providers of video collaboration services. Which is why Polycom leads the way in partnering with service providers around the world at both the technical and strategic level. As the world changes, Polycom will be there, powering the experience.



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