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SmartPairing Technology: Breakthrough room system control from your iPad

Polycom SmartPairing

Business-quality video calls can take place anywhere using Polycom RealPresence Mobile on the iPad. Start a video call at your desk, walking across campus or even standing outside of a conference room waiting for the room to clear. As you enter the conference room, SmartPairing technology automatically pairs your iPad with the Polycom video system and lets you easily transfer the call to the room –based system, turning the iPad into your personal meeting control device.

SmartPairing technology includes an audio beacon that is transmitted from the HDX or RealPresence Group system. RealPresence Mobile is listening for this beacon and begins communicating with the room video system through the in-house wireless network. Once pairing is established, a new control panel opens, letting you control video meetings with your tablet (including volume control, starting/ending video calls) and transfer live video calls from your tablet to a big screen with the swipe of a finger.

This industry-first is a Polycom exclusive innovation.

Pending Patents
Polycom SmartPairing Patent Number 8,340,271
A conferencing system for an enterprise is disclosed. The conferencing system allows a user conducting a communication session on a personal communication device to transfer the communication session to a local conferencing device. The conferencing system prompts the personal communication device with an option to transfer the communication session to the conferencing device. The system obtains contact information for a multimedia endpoint associated with the remote communication device and initiates a connection between the local conferencing device and the remote multimedia endpoint. The system can also transfer a communication session from a local conferencing device to a portable communication device.

Polycom SmartPairing Patent Number 8,340,272
A conferencing system for an enterprise is disclosed. The conferencing system determines the location of a portable communication device within a premises and sends a prompt to the portable communication device announcing an option to initiate a communication session using local conferencing devices. In response to a request from the portable communication device, the system determines connection information for a remote endpoint and initiates a communication session between the local conferencing device and the remote endpoint.


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