Polycom Solutions Help Manufacturers Gain Operational Efficiency


Manufacturers continually look for ways to reduce downtime, boost quality, speed troubleshooting, and improve employee training.  Even small percentage-point reductions in your downtime can save you millions of dollars in your operational expenses. Downtime and quality issues relate directly to how swiftly you can respond to incidents that disrupt your process.

Polycom audio and visual collaboration solutions―including video conferencing for mobile devices―ensure your organization can quickly and remotely identify, diagnose, and repair disruptive situations. Video significantly speeds your discovery of troublesome root causes and greatly improves your training efforts for a more capable organization.

Our solutions also make it easier for you to record best practices in real-time, whether developed on the manufacturing floor or in a remote manufacturing location. The result is a library of critical intellectual property that gives your organization a competitive edge.


Use Polycom video collaboration solutions to:

● Reduce production downtime and waste

● Meet and exceed service-level agreement requirements

● Lower service costs

● Increase customer satisfaction

● Speed employee development and improve productivity

● Improve compliance rates

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