Polycom Collaborations Around the Planet (CAPspace)

This program is a large scale global directory and professional network of educators for video conferencing project collaboration. This directory will connect educators to increase videoconferencing utilization, expand and enhance curriculum, provide access to global collaborations, and increase educational equity.

What are educators saying about CAPspace?

"With videoconferencing, our Title I, dual language school, nestled in a pocket of a primarily English-speaking community, can access domestic and international classrooms that can interact in Spanish with our students. Collaborations Around the Planet (CAPspace) and videoconferencing have made these opportunities a reality for our students."

- Jeanette Candelaria
Volunteer Videoconference Coordinator, Valley Elementary School


"The more people you know, the more videoconferences you can do!"

- Janine Lim Berrien
ISD – Michigan

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