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Transforming Education Through Innovative Learning and Collaboration

To help ensure successful implementation and adoption of video conferencing and collaboration, Polycom Academic and Instructional Training Professional Services are designed to fit your administrative, instructional, or other needs. Our training will give you the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to incorporate video conferencing technology successfully across your organization.

Collaborations Around the Planet

Polycom CAPspace is a free directory that is open to all educators who use video conferencing technology. It provides access to over over 12,000 professionals from 42 countries and includes an unlimited number of lessons throughout the year that educators can integrate into their curriculum. From the CAPspace site, educators can search, identify, and request participation in special projects, classes, and workshops or provide a listing of the lessons they would like to share worldwide.

Video Content Searchable Database

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), established in 1994, is a not-for-profit specializing in access to applications and the utilization of videoconferencing for live interactive content and professional development, as well as web-based collaborative learning environments for K-20. In addition to the rich database of over 2,000 standards-based content programs offered by some 230 cultural organizations, CILC provides consulting expertise in all areas of collaborative learning.

Education Community

Join in online conversations with Polycom’s Education Team and fellow educators through the Polycom Education Community, a newly launched external site that promotes the exchange of ideas in an informal environment. The community can also be used to share best practices, lessons learned, and pedagogical approaches or seek help.

Polycom Content Access Program (PCAP)

Educators can enhance their curriculum, connect with colleagues and peers, and expand the reach of their classroom with live, relevant and culturally rich interactive learning experiences. Polycom Content Access Program (PCAP) is designed for Polycom customers who have never or seldom connected with content providers such as museums, science centers, and authors to experience the power of this educational tool. Polycom will provide a complimentary virtual field trip to jump start your video conferencing experience.

Special Events for Educators and Students

Our special events provide FREE curriculum-rich content to Polycom customers to enhance learning and increase student achievement. Events include connections to renowned authors, experts in the field, famous people or places and much more.

E-rate Assistance

To help you with E-rate filing, Polycom offers a team of E-rate experts for one-on-one, customized assistance; complimentary E-rate support throughout the E-rate process; free educational Webinars on the E-rate process; tips and tools for managing the E-rate application process.

Grant Assistance

Find funding to implement video conferencing and voice conferencing solutions.
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