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You want to implement video more broadly throughout your organization, but you are concerned about how best to do it without affecting your other applications. Polycom and Juniper Networks will help you address the explosive growth of video in your organization through a network model that is more scalable, efficient, and profitable.

Our strategic alliance unites Juniper Networks' expertise in carrier-service architectures and Polycom's expertise in scalable unified communications (UC). By working with Juniper and Polycom, you will spend less on the delivery of high-value telepresence and comprehensive collaboration services that change the way UC applications and services reach people across your enterprise.

"Juniper Networks and Polycom have leveraged our best-in-breed strengths in network architecture and unified communications (UC) to change how UC and video traffic are handled on a single converged network. Polycom's software strategy is setting the conversation in the industry, and together Juniper and Polycom are helping customers maximize their UC and network investments. The Platform dynamically interacts with our high-performance network solutions to provide unmatched quality, scalability, and efficiency of video services to customers."

– Brad Brooks, Vice President of Product Marketing at Juniper Networks

Assured Video Conferencing

Learn how the Assured Video Conferencing (AVC) solution from Polycom and Juniper Networks® drives down costs for service providers and enterprises and delivers high quality video.

The AVC solution from Juniper Networks and Polycom, enables enterprises and service providers to confidently deploy video on a single converged network. You use your network more efficiently avoiding an expensive video overlay network.

  • Deliver video anywhere to any device over a quality-aware network
  • Integrate video applications with the network for unmatched quality of service
  • Deploy in mission-critical environments, such as healthcare
  • Create new managed and hosted video services

Transformational Telemedicine

Learn about the advantages of the Assured Video Conferencing (AVC) solution from Polycom and Juniper Networks® in the healthcare field and why it is transforming telemedicine today. Telemedicine powered by AVC is unrivaled in the ability to extend video collaboration in critical care cases. Video collaboration in life savings environments uses the expertise of specialists no matter where they are or where the patient may be. Delivered through the joint solution, mission critical video sessions can be conducted by clinicians with confidence that they will be of the quality these types of cases require.

Our joint solutions provide:

  • Investment protection, by leveraging your existing infrastructure through open-standards-based development
  • A focus for key vertical markets, including critical-care telemedicine, government and education
  • Business-to-business UC and video capabilities
  • Support for other applications and services, such as seamless voice over WiFi (VoWiFi)

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