Solutions for Video, Voice and Content Sharing

Polycom unleashes the power of human collaboration across any distance or device. Our easy to use collaboration solutions help organizations compete more effectively by making intuitive human collaboration part of their everyday operations. By making high-quality video, voice and content collaboration accessible from anywhere, our customers are able to accelerate growth, attract and retain top talent and boost innovation that hones their competitive edge.

What’s more, our solutions offer immediate cost-savings and drive new operational efficiencies because they enable our customers to get more from their existing IT investments through broad interoperability, while saving precious time and cost of travel. And with technology that’s invisible, intuitive and easy to use, coupled with our customer success services, we eliminate behavioral barriers to adoption and help companies create an irresistible culture of collaboration from a distance. With an unwavering commitment to help solve business challenges by seamlessly integrating distance defying connection and communication into any workflow, it all adds up to one thing: bringing business together.

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